List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Starks, Louisiana

#Street Name
1Abshire Rd
2Addison Rd
3Alligator Park Rd
4Amos Stanley Rd
5Archie Clark Cemetery Rd
6Arley Myers Rd
7Arnold Smith Rd
8Ashworth Cut Off
9B Barthalimew Rd
10Ball Park Rd
11Barrow Loop
12Barry Phillips Rd
13Bass Lake Rd
14Bear Head Cutoff Rd
15Bernice Perkins Rd
16Berry St
17Berwick Rd
18Bess Ranch Rd
19Bessie Daniels Rd
20Big Woods Rd
21Big Woods Rd
22Big Woods Starks Rd
23Bill Barnes Rd
24Bob O'rear Rd
25Bob Rd
26Buddy Johnson Rd
27Buddy Smith Rd
28Burgin Rd
29Burks Rd
30Bytha Phillips Rd
31Calvin Foster Rd
32Carol Johnson Rd
33Carter Settlement Rd
34Charlie Stanley Loop
35Clarence Smith Rd
36Claude Stanley Rd
37Coleman Rd
38Cotton Gin Rd
39Creek Rd
40 Cupples Rd
41Dead Cow Rd
42Delbert Clark Rd
43Dennis Truman Rd
44Diddy Gibson Rd
45Donald Phillips Rd
46Doyle Cemetary Rd
47Duck Pond Rd
48Dwayne Clark Rd
49E G Simon Rd
50E Mc Donald Spur A
51Earl Knapp Rd
52Earl Phillips Rd
53Edward Johnson Rd
54Elton Berwick Rd
55Elwood Granger Rd
56Ernest Clark Rd
57Evangeline Hwy
58Fannie Verdine Rd
59Floyd Hollie Rd
60Fountain Cemetary Rd
61Frank Gibson Rd
62Frank Williams Rd
63Freeman Rd
64Gambrell Church Rd
65Gene Nelson Rd
66General Box Rd
67Gibson Loop
68Gibson Rd
69Gillis Rd
70Glidwell Rd
71Good Body Rd
72Gore Rd
73Green Island Rd
74Green Moore Rd
75Greg Gillis Rd
76H Poole Rd
77Hardy Johnson Rd
78Harold Ellis Rd
79Harold Gillis Rd
80 Hiner Rd
81Hobby Rd
82Homer Cormier Rd
83Horace Gore Rd
84Horace Hyatt Rd
85Houser Rd
86Howard Rd
87Howell Pinder Rd
88Hyatt Rd
89I H Deen Rd
90Indian Acres Rd
91Ira Kingery Rd
92Ira L Patton Rd
93Ivy Rd
94J E Miller Rd
95J J Savell Rd
96Jerry's Loop
97Jevon Johnson Rd
98Jim Drake Rd
99Jim Johnson Cutoff Rd
100Jim Johnson Rd
101Jimmy Doyle Rd
102Jimmy Williams Rd
103Joe Boy Bass Rd
104John P Gillis Rd
105John Perkins Rd
106Kennedy Landing Rd
107Lawson Gillis Rd
108Lee Moore Rd
109Leroy Ln
110Lewis Statum Rd
111Little Mule Pond Rd
112Lloyd Smith Cutoff
113Lloyd Stanley Rd
114Lou Farley Rd
115Lovan Cole Rd
116Lovey Clark Rd
117Luster Foster Rd
118Mabel Gillis Rd
119Mazilly Rd
120Mcdonald Rd
121Mcmahan Loop
122Miller Cemetary Rd
123Mitch Johnson Rd
124Mule Pond Rd
125No 7 Rd
126O'brien Rd
127Oil Tank Rd
128Old Cutoff Rd
129Old Pump Plant Rd
130Old River Rd
131Otis Gibson Rd
132Ozan Rd
133Ozro Pinder
134Par Road 63
135Park Barrow Rd
136Pat Paulk Rd
137Pete Nation Rd
138Pevoto Rd
139Phillip Corry Rd
140Polk Smith Loop
141Pot Hole Rd
142Prentice Hyatt Rd
143Prentiss Johnson Rd
144R H Blanchard Rd
145R L Hollie Rd
146Rangeline Rd
147Ray Hitt Rd
148Ray Johnson Rd
149Ray Thompson Rd
150Richard Rd
151Robert Clark Rd
152Robert Kingery Rd
153Robert Pinder Rd
154Robert St
155Roy Barrett Rd
156Roy Lee Ashworth Rd
157Rte 109
158Sabine Trail Rd
159Salter Bluff Rd
160Sam Barrow Rd
161Sam Bingham Rd
162Samuel Johnson Rd
163Scales Rd
164Settlement Rd
165Shamer Rd
166Simon Rd
167Smith Cemetery Rd
168Smith Cut Off Rd
169State Route 12
170Susie St
171Tac Rd
172Terry St
173Tic Rd
174Trahan Loop
175Vernon Rainwater Rd
176Virgil Gibson Rd
177Wilbert Buxton Rd
178Wildfire Rd
179Willie Hyatt Rd
180Windey Rd
181Woody Bussell Rd
182Y White Rd
183Yellow John Cove Rd