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List of Street Names with maps in Deale, Maryland

#Street Name
1Alexander Lane
2Allwine Avenue
3Baskin Street
4Battee Circle
5Battee Drive
6Bay Breeze Court
7Bay Front Road
8Bay View Drive
9Bay View Parkway
10Bayview Parkway
11Berkley Manor Lane
12Bimini Court
13Blain Road
14Blaine Road
15Blossom Parkway
16Bluebeard Court
17Boardleys Drive
18Broadwater Creek Road
19Broadwater Parkway
20Broadwater Point Road
21Buccaneer Court
22Cabana Boulevard
23Carroll Street
24Carrs Creek Road
25Carvel Street
26Charles Avenue
27Chesapeake Drive
28Clark Avenue
29Cove Drive
30Dartmouth Street
31Deale Beach Road
32Deale Churchton Road
33Deale Place
34Delaware Avenue
35Diamond Drive
36Dover Street
37Doyle Road
38Drum Point Road
39East Bay Front Road
40 East Marshall Avenue
41Ellicott Avenue
42Essex Street
43Exeter Street
44Fairfax Avenue
45Flood Avenue
46Forrester Drive
47Forrester Road
48Franklin Boulevard
49Franklin Manor Road
50Frazier Avenue
51Gloucester Avenue
52Great Oak Parkway
53Gull Drive
54Gunner Run Road
55Gwynne Avenue
56Harbor View Way
57Harbor Way
58Harford Street
59Highway 256
60Ilchester Street
61Inscoe Road
62Irvin Avenue
63Joe Road
64Johns Circle
65Joshuas Way
66Kingfisher Road
67Knopp Avenue
68Lee Way Court
69Manistique Court
70Mann Road
71Marshall Street
72Marzoff Road
73Mason Avenue
74Masons Beach Road
75Melbourne Avenue
76Milton Avenue
77Mimosa Cove Road
78North Shore Parkway
79Oar Lane
80 Owings Beach Road
81Park Place
82Parker Drive
83Parkers Creek Drive
84Parkers Creek Road
85Phipps Road
86Robin Court
87Rockhold Creek Road
88Rockhold Drive
89Rodgers Road
90Sailfish Court
91Sneed Road
92Swamp Circle Road
93Tiffany Drive
94Tyler Point Road
95Tyler Road
96Vacation Lane
97Vancouver Court
98Venetian Way
99Welch Avenue
100West Carvel Drive
101Whipoorwill Drive
102Wildwood Lane
103Windjammer Court
104Windsor Place