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List of Street Names with maps in Emmitsburg, Maryland

#Street Name
14 Points Bridge Rd
24 Points Rd
3Academy Ct
4Adams Ave
5Annandale Rd
6Armstrong Ln
7Azalea Ct
8Bollinger School Rd
9Brookfield Dr
10Bullfrog Rd
11Bunker Hill Dr
12Cadle Ln
13Carrick Ct
14Cedar Ave
15Cemetery Rd
16Cheaspeake Ave
17Chesapeake Ave
18College Ln
19Cool Rd
20Creamery Rd
21Creamery Way
22Creekside Dr
23Crystal Fountain Rd
24Depaul St
25Dern Rd
26Dry Bridge Rd
27E Grimes Rd
28E Lincoln Ave
29E Main St Exd
30Elder Ln
31Emmit Ct
32Eylers Valley Rd
33Eyster Ln
34Federal Ave
35Flat Run Ct
36Flat Run Rd
37Frailey Rd
38Friends Creek Rd
39Friends Ln
40 Grimes Rd
41Grotto Rd
42Hampton Valley Rd
43Harney Rd
44Hayes Ln
45Heatherwind Dr
46Heritage Ln
47Hoffman Ln
48Hornets Nest Rd
49Huntley Cir
50Hwy 140
51Irishtown Ct
52Irishtown Dr
53Irishtown Rd
54Jamison St
55Keysville Rd
56Lincoln Ave
57Mechanicstown Rd
58Memorial Ave
59Mountain View Rd
60Mountaineers Way
61N Seton Ave
62Nevin Ct
63North Ave
64Old Emmitsburg Rd
65Old Gettysburg Rd
66Orndorff Rd
67Park Dr
68Patterson Ave
69Provincial Pkwy
70Ramblewood Ct
71Ramblewood Dr
72Reeny Cir
73Riffle Rd
74Robindale Dr
75Rose Ct
76S Seton Ave
77School Ln
78Scott Rd
79Seton Pl
80 Shriver Rd
81Silo Hill Rd
82Simmons Rd
83Sixes Bridge Rd
84Sixes Rd
85St Anthonys Rd
86St Josephs Ln
87Stone Ln
88Stonehurst Ct
89Stonehurst Dr
90Tanery Ln
91Taneytown Pike
92Timbermill Ct
93Timbermill Run
94Toms Creek Church Rd
95Tract Rd
96University Dr
97W Lincoln Ave
98Wagerman Dr
99Warthens Way
100Waycross Ct
101Waynesboro Pike
102Welty Ave
103Welty Rd
104Wheatley Dr
105William Ct
106Wivell Rd
107Zanella Dr