List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Kensington, Maryland

#Street Name
1Ambler Drive
2Anderson Road
3Anthony Street
4Archer Place
5Armory Avenue
6Ashwood Drive
7Astoria Court
8Astoria Road
9Aurora Drive
10Bangor Drive
11Bangor Place
12Barroll Lane
13Bentley Lane
14Bexhill Place
15Blueford Road
16Brainard Avenue
17Bramber Street
18Brandywine Street
19Brookfield Drive
20Burtonhill Drive
21Byeforde Court
22Byeforde Road
23Byrd Court
24Byrd Road
25Cable Drive
26Calgary Avenue
27Calvend Lane
28Calvert Place
29Camino Court
30Campbell Court
31Campbell Ct
32Campbell Dr
33Campbell Drive
34Campbell Place
35Carriage Road
36Carroll Place
37Casper Street
38Clearbrook Lane
39Clearbrook Place
40 Cleveland Street
41Colchester Drive
42Colfax Street
43Concord St
44Concord Street
45Connecticut Avenue
46Coronada Place
47Crestwood Road
48Culver Court
49Culver Street
50Cushing Drive
51Dana Court
52Day Avenue
53Decatur Avenue
54Denfeld Avenue
55Denfeld Court
56Detrick Avenue
57Devin Place
58Dewmar Court
59Dewmar Lane
60Dresden Street
61Druid Drive
62Drumm Avenue
63Drumm Court
64Dunnel Lane
65Dupont Avenue
66East Ave
67East Bexhill Drive
68East Stanhope Road
69Edgewood Road
70Elrod Road
71Emily Street
72Euclid Drive
73Everett Street
74Ewell Avenue
75Faulkner Place
76Fawcett Street
77Fayette Road
78Ferndale Street
79Findley Road
80 Flanders Avenue
81Franklin St
82Franklin Street
83Frederick Avenue
84Frederick Place
85Freeman Place
86Gartrell Place
87Geiger Avenue
88Glencrest Lane
89Glenridge Street
90Glenrose Street
91Glenway Drive
92Glueck Lane
93Greenfield Street
94Hadley Place
95Halsey Court
96Halsey Street
97Hampden Street
98Harriet Lane
99Haverhill Drive
100Hawick Court
101Hawick Lane
102Hebard Street
103Highway 185
104Hill Street
105Hillridge Drive
106Hillsdale Drive
107Hobson Street
108Homewood Parkway
109Howard Ave
110Howard Avenue
111Huff Court
112Jennings Road
113Jolly Way
114Jutland Road
115Kenmore Drive
116Kensington Court
117Kensington Parkway
118Kent Street
119Kincaid Terrace
120Kingston Road
121Knowles Avenue
122La Duke Drive
123Landy Court
124Lawrence Avenue
125Lexington Court
126Lexington Street
127Littledale Road
128Littleford Lane
129Lund Place
130Matthews Lane
131Maybrook Avenue
132Maybrook Place
133Mccain Court
134Mccomas Avenue
135Mccomas Court
136Melvin Grove Court
137Meredith Avenue
138Mertford Street
139Metropolitan Avenue
140Midvale Road
141Mills Crossing Place
142Mills Crossing Way
143Mitchell Street
144Mitscher Court
145Mitscher Street
146Moore Lane
147Morrell Court
148Muir Place
149Murdock Road
150Nash Place
151Newport Mill Road
152Nicholson Court
153Nimitz Road
154Oberon Street
155Old Spring Road
156Oldfield Drive
157Orleans Court
158Orleans Terrace
159Orleans Way
160Palisades Court
161Parkwood Court
162Parkwood Drive
163Pearson Street
164Peregoy Drive
165Perry Avenue
166Plyers Mill Court
167Plyers Mill Road
168Puller Drive
169Raymoor Road
170Red Orchid Way
171Rokeby Court
172Rokeby Place
173Saint Paul Street
174Sandy Court
175Saul Road
176Shaftsbury Street
177Simms Court
178Simms Drive
179Soward Drive
180Spruell Court
181Spruell Drive
182St Paul St
183Stark Street
184Starner Court
185Stella Court
186Stoneybrook Drive
187Strathmore Avenue
188Summit Avenue
189Thornwood Road
190Torrance Court
191Torrance Drive
192Tudor Lane
193Upton Drive
194Valley View Avenue
195Vaughn Street
196Vogel Place
197Wake Drive
198Walmesley Street
199Warfield Street
200Warner Street
201Washington St
202Washington Street
203Waycross Court
204Waycross Way
205West Bexhill Drive
206West Stanhope Road
207Westbrook Lane
208Wexford Court
209Wexford Drive
210Wheatley Street
211White Flint Drive
212Wildwood Road
213Woodson Avenue