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List of Street Names with maps in Kingsville, Maryland

#Street Name
1Batter Court
2Batterbrook Court
3Bayswater Road
4Belair Terrace
5Bellman Court
6Bellvue Avenue
7Betty Street
8Bluestone Court
9Bluestone Road
10Born Lane
11Brooknoll Road
12Buckhill Road
13Caspian Road
14Cedar Ridge Court
15Celebrie Court
16Charlund Drive
17Charumb Court
18Cheryl Avenue
19Claydent Lane
20Connection Road
21Connor Court
22Country Hill Court
23Crosslea Road
24Darney Court
25Darney View Road
26Days Woods Court
27Dilworth Road
28Donny Terrace
29Dowell Lane
30Echo Acres Lane
31Elray Road
32Gilbar Road
33Glenbauer Road
34Goettner Road
35Gontrum Road
36Greenhouse Lane
37Gremecy Park Road
38Heathcoate Drive
39Hennessy Lane
40 Heritage Hills Court
41Holt Road
42Jericho Rd
43Jericho Road
44Jerusalem Glen Court
45Jerusalem Mill Court
46Jerusalem Rd
47Jerusalem Road
48Kimberly Court
49Kings Forest Drive
50Kings Gate Drive
51Kings Glen Court
52Kingswood Lane
53Kingtop Drive
54Leastone Road
55Lee Ben Road
56Longbottom Court
57Longcreek Court
58Longfield Drive
59Longknoll Way
60Longlea Court
61Lowerfield Court
62Lynn Drive
63Marvon Road
64Merrywood Drive
65Milardo Drive
66Mohr Road
67Mount Vista Road
68New Cut Road
69Old Joppa Rd
70Old Landing Road
71Old Long Calm Road
72Omega Court
73Open Bible Way
74Patrick Way
75Pfeffers Road
76Raphel Road
77Redstone Road
78Reynolds Road
79Ridgecliff Court
80 Ruxford Drive
81Sample Lane
82Sandyvale Road
83Sheradale Drive
84Shipley Lane
85Silver Spruce Terrace
86Sparr Drive
87Stocksdale Road
88Stoney Batter Road
89Sunshine Avenue
90Temple Lane
91Towood Road
92Upper Field Court
93Vinegar Hill Road
94Vista View Court
95Wesley Woods Court
96Wildon Court
97Wolbert Way
98Woodberry Place
99Woodmar Court
100Yellowstone Road