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List of Street Names with maps in Phoenix, Maryland

#Street Name
17 Springs Court
2Anne Brent Garth
3Bardon Road
4Bladon Road
5Blenfield Court
6Blenfield Road
7Blenheim Farm Lane
8Blenmont Court
9Blythenia Road
10Briar Knoll Circle
11Brigadoon Road
12Brighton View Court
13Brocster Court
14Cambria Farms Court
15Cambria Farms Road
16Carroll Mill Road
17Carroll Run Court
18Cloverland Drive
19Club View Lane
20Clynmalira Court
21Collingwood Garth
22Collingwood Road
23Colonial Oaks Court
24Constantine Drive
25Cooper Road
26Cooperstown Court
27Country Club Lane
28Courtland Drive
29Cremson Drive
30Crestmill Court
31Cripplegate Road
32Cross Creek Court
33Dalebrook Drive
34Dance Mill Road
35Deer Oaks Court
36Doe Court
37Donerin Way
38Duddington Way
39Dunscombe Court
40 Eagles View Road
41Edgarwood Court
42Eland Road
43Fair Meadow Road
44Fairwood View Court
45Fox Manor Lane
46Fox Run Court
47Foxland Road
48Garsden Court
49Gibson Lane
50Glen Alpine Road
51Glen Highland Court
52Glen Lyon Court
53Glenberry Court
54Glenbrook Drive
55Golden Eagle Road
56Green Branch Drive
57Green Glade Court
58Green Glade Road
59Green Peak Court
60Greenland Garth
61Greentree Drive
62Hampshire Glen Court
63Hampshire Knob Drive
64Harcum Road
65Hedgehill Lane
66Hess Mill Road
67Hesspar Court
68Hiddenbrook Court
69Highland Ridge Road
70Highway 145
71Hillendale Heights Road
72Hunt Valley View Terrace
73Hunting Way
74Husson Road
75Jackson Cabin Road
76Jackson Manor Court
77Jackson Ridge Court
78Jarrettsville Pike
79Katie Road
80 Killarney Court
81Kukucka Lane
82Linkview Court
83Lochwynd Court
84Locksley Court
85Longmoor Circle
86Manda Mill Lane
87Manor Oaks Road
88Meredith Ridge Road
89Merrymans Mill Road
90Mildale Court
91Misty Hollow Court
92Misty Valley Road
93Mollie Court
94Mount Avenue
95Murrays Private Drive
96Nantucket Garth
97Over Shotrun Lane
98Overshot Court
99Paper Mill Road
100Philpot Road
101Phoenix Avenue West
102Phoenix Road West
103Prairie Court
104Princess Anne Way
105Redcoat Lane
106Richfield Lane
107Robcaste Road
108Royal Crest Road
109Sagewood Road
110Saybrook Manor
111Scotts Moore Court
112Shanneybrook Court
113Siesta Garth
114Southside Avenue
115Stablemate Road
116Stag Court
117Stanwick Road
118Stewart Glen Court
119Stillhaven Road
120Stockton Garth
121Stockton Road
122Stone Eagle Road
123Stone Hill Road
124Stonehurst Road
125Stonewood Court
126Summer Hill Drive
127Sunnybrook Road
128Sunnyview Drive
129Thorndyke Garth
130Trails End Circle
131Trojan Horse Drive
132Valley Green Court
133Wetherbee Court
134Whitesworth Road
135Windemere Parkway
136Windy Farms Court
137Woodbark Lane
138Woodsledge Road
139York Manor Road