List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Rosedale, Maryland

#Street Name
134th St
263rd St
364th Street
465th Street
566th Street
667th Street
768th Street
8Akron Road
9Alan Tree Road
10Allison Lane
11Analee Avenue
12Annadaniel Drive
13Aster Road
14Avery Court
15Avery Road
16Baldridge Court
17Baltimore Avenue
18Bassett Road
19Batavia Farm Road
20Beatty Avenue
21Berk Avenue
22Berk Lane
23Berkfield Road
24Berkwood Court
25Berkwood Road
26Bluegrass Heights Court
27Boaz Road
28Brafferton Way
29Brightside Avenue
30Brightstone Drive
31Bucks School House Road
32Burnfield Road
33Callo Lane
34Camhill Drive
35Campbell Boulevard
36Candle Lane
37Caradoc Drive
38Cavel Road
39Chapel Hill Court
40 Chivalry Court
41Choptank Avenue
42Clayfield Court
43Clementine Court
44Coco Road
45Commons Court
46Commons Road
47Contractors Road
48Cool Meadow Court
49Corkley Road
50Crossett Road
51Customs Road
52Dalrose Avenue
53Days End Court
54Delegge Road
55Dorset Avenue
56Dotty Road
57Draper Court
58Dutrow Court
59Edwill Avenue
60Elkhart Court
61Elligson Road
62Ellinwood Road
63Evering Avenue
64Fernsell Court
65Fieldvale Road
66Finch Court
67Finsbury Road
68Flagstaff Road
69Flintshire Road
70Fontana Lane
71Fordcrest Road
72Franklin Square Drive
73Garvey Road
74Gettig Road
75Getty Drive
76Gilmore Avenue
77Glen Arbor Drive
78Glenwest Court
79Golden Ring Court
80 Golden Ring Plaza
81Goldenwood Road
82Grafton Court
83Gransay Road
84Greencastle Drive
85Gum Spring Road
86Hamiltowne Circle
87Hanford Road
88Hanzlik Avenue
89Hardwood Drive
90Havenoak Road
91Hesse Avenue
92Highway 588
93Highway 7
94Hilldale Road
95Holyoke Road
96Horst Road
97Hospital Drive
98Jacks Avenue
99Kahler Avenue
100Karl Avenue
101Kelbourne Road
102Kemsley Court
103Kendrick Road
104Kern Avenue
105King Charles Circle
106King Richard Court
107Krueger Avenue
108Lacotti Lane
109Lancelot Drive
110Landover Road
111Langdale Road
112Leavers Court
113Longview Court
114Magdolena Road
115Manger Court
116Manor Place
117Martinique Road
118Morning Court
119Mount Airy Court
120Mount Airy Road
121Nancy Court
122National Road
123Neighbors Avenue
124North Road
125Odell Ave
126Old Philadelphia Road
127Osprey Court
128Oswald Way
129Parham Circle
130Pelican Court
131Peper Avenue
132Perry Ridge Court
133Philadelphia Avenue
134Philco Road
135Plainview Road
136Price Lane
137Pulaski Drive
138Queensberry Road
139Regal Avenue
140Reston Lane
141Roferd Avenue
142Rollingside Avenue
143Rose Haven Road
144Rosedale Heights Avenue
145Roseland Avenue
146Rosewick Avenue
147Roxboro Road
148Rustic Avenue
149Sagramore Road
150Schaefers Lane
151Scranton Road
152Seling Avenue
153Sellier Avenue
154Shiphorst Terrace
155Springhouse Circle
156Sweet Gum Way
157Swiven Place
158Talc Drive
159Tameron Place
160Tarpleys Circle
161Tern Court
162Timberbrooke Road
163Todds Lane
164Towns Court
165Travis Court
166Treyburn Court
167Tulip Poplar Court
168Underhill Road
169Valley Rd
170Valley Road
171Weyburn Court
172Weyburn Road
173Weyfield Court
174Weyhill Court
175Weytop Court
176Whitney Drive
177Wilenoak Court
178Wilhelm Avenue
179Willann Road
180Windlass Freeway
181Winterhaven Road
182Woodhaven Road
183Woodruff Ave
184Zangs Lane