List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Antwerp, Michigan

#Street Name
129 1/2 St
249th Ave
358th Ave
463rd Ave
567th Ave
669th Ave
7Apple Ln
8Bernice Ave
9Birmingham Ct
10Bordeaux Ave
11Brachetto St
12Brownstone Blvd
13Cabernet Ave
14Catalpa St
15Chardonnay St
16Chase Way
17Churchill St
18Copper Blvd
19County Road 369
20County Road 657
21Crescent Dr
22Deep Woods Dr
23Deerfield Trail
24Dennis Sweet Dr
25Derhammer Pkwy
26Drape Rd
27Duvall Ct
28Evelyn Ave
29Fox Creek Blvd
30Fredrick St
31Garamet Ave
32Hickory Cir
33Hunts Run
34Indian Hill Trail
35Jasmine Point
36Jasmine Way
37Jewell Dr
38Jewells Dr
39Kathryn Rd
40 Kiawah Trail
41Lillian St
42Manchester Cir
43Mark Pl
44Meadow View Ln
45Merlot Ave
46Mission Ave
47Misty Way
48Myrna Ln
49N Main St
50Oak Ridge Dr
51Oak Shadows Rd
52Oxley's Farm Rd
53Palm St
54Par 4 Cir
55Pawton Ln
56Primrose Path
57Rambling Rose Dr
58Rebecca Dr
59Ridgeview Cir
60Robin Rd
62Rolling Meadow Blvd
63Rolling Pines Ct
64Rose Meadow Dr
65Rosemary Ln
66Silver Oaks Blvd
67Sonoma Way
68Spring Haven Ct
69Springbrook Dr
70Steven Rd
71Territorial Rd
72Territorial Rd
73Territorial Way
74Terry Ln
75Thelma Ave
76Township Transfer Station Rd
77Trumpet Ln
78Valley View Blvd
80 Vineyard Cir
81Violet Ave
82Vixen Ln
83Weather Vane Ct
84Whitetail Cir
85Whitetail Run
86Whitewood Dr
87Willis St
88Willow Ln
89Woodhenge Dr
90Wynsmythe Dr
91Wynsmythe Dr E
92Ye Olde Woods Cir
93Zinfandel Ave