List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Houghton, Michigan

#Street Name
110th Ave
211th Ave
312th Ave
51st St
72nd St
83rd St
104th St
115th St
136th St
147th Ave
158th Ave
169th Ave
17Agate St
18Agent St
19Albion St
21B F Gaffney Dr
22Balsam Loop
23Baltic St
24Bay Shore Farm Rd
25Bay Shore Rd
26Bill Nicholls Trail
27Birch St
28Blanche St
29Blue Top Cabin Rd
30Bluff View Dr
31Bridge St
32Brookside Dr
33Calverley Ave
34Cedar Bluff Dr
35Cemetery Rd
36Central Rd
37Century Way
38Champion St
39Chopps Rd
40 Clark St
41Cliff Dr
42College Ave
43Copper Ln
44Copper St
45Country Ct
46Country Ln
47County Road A-554
48County Road P-554
49County Road P-651
50County Road S-554
51County Road S-61
52County Road S-653g
53Crestview Dr
54Datolite St
55Diamond Ave
56Division St
57Dodge St
58Donmar Dr
59Dune Dr
60E 5th Ave
61E 6th Ave
62E Baraga Ave
63E Douglass Ave
64E Houghton Ave
65E Jacker Ave
66E Lakeshore Dr
67E Main
68E Montezuma Ave
69E Ruby Ave
70E Sharon Ave
71E South Ave
72Eagle Harbor Rd
73East St
74Edgewood Rd
75Elm St
76Elsie Rd
77Emerald St
78Enterprise Dr
79Evergreen Dr
80 Fairview St
81Farragut St
82Fire Hall Rd
83Franklin St
84Frogpool St
85Front St
86Frue St
87Garden City Rd
88Garnet St
89Gedvillas Rd
90Green Acres Rd
91Gundlach Rd
92Henry St
93Hickory Ln
94Highland St
95Houghton Canal Rd
96Hubbell St
97Hunters Ln
98Huron St
99Hwy 26
100Isle Royale St
101Jacker Ave
102Jasper Ave
103Jefferson St
104Kingston Farm Rd
105Knuuttila Ln
106Lake Ave
107Lake St
108Lakeshore Cir
109Liminga Rd
110Lizzardo Farm Rd
111Luanne Ave
112Macinnes Dr
113Madeleine St
114Main St
115Manisto Farm Rd
117Maple Ln
118Maple St
119Mariner Ct
120Maureen Ln
121Memorial Rd
122Middle Pointe Ln
123Military Rd
124N Superior Rd
125N Tear Lake Rd
126Naumkeg St
127New Central Mine Rd
128North St
129Oak Grove Pkwy
130Oak Ridge Ln
131Oak St
132Old Stage Rd E
133Old Stage Rd W
134Oskar Heights Rd
135Osma Acres Rd
136Osma Plat Rd
137Osma Rd
138Park Ave
139Pearl St
140Peepsock Cir
141Petro Ln
142Pewabic St
143Pheonix Farm Rd
144Phoenix Farm Rd
145Pilgrim Rd
146Pilgrim Terrace
147Pine Loop
148Pine St
149Portage Canal Lift Bridge
150Portage St
151Prospect St
152Quincy Cove Rd
153Quincy St
154Ravine Side Dr
155Razorback Dr
156Razorback Rd
157Red Barn Rd
158Red Brick Rd
159Ridge Rd
160Ripley St
161River W Rd
162Road 109
163Road 2
164Road 4
165Road 6
166Road 7
167Road 8
168Road 9
169Robindale Dr
170Rouhonen Rd
171Ruby Ave
180Sandpiper Dr
181Sharon Ave
182Sharon Ave
183Shelden Ave
184Sherwood Dr
185Sibley Ave
186Snowmobile Club Rd
187Spring House Ln
188Spruce Ln
189Spruce St
190State Highway 26
191Sugar Maple Ln
192Superior Rd
193Superior Rd
194Tear Lake Rd
195Technical Ave
196Theilers Rd
197Townsend Dr
198Tram St
199U.s. 41
200Upland Ave
201Vivian St
202W 1st St
203W Baraga Ave
204W Douglass Ave
205W Edwards Ave
206W Houghton Ave
207W Jacker Ave
208W Lakeshore Dr
209W Main St
210W Memorial Dr
211W Montezuma Ave
212W Sharon Ave
213W South Ave
214Ward Rd
215Washington Ave
216Waterworks Dr
217Woodland Rd
218Woodmar Dr