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List of Street Names with maps in Romeo, Michigan

#Street Name
11st Street
2Alberta Court
3Apple Blossom Way
4Apple Valley Way
5Benjamin Street
6Blaine Court
7Bradley Street
8Brook Drive
9Caldwell Lane
10Chandler Street
11Clyde Court
12Concord Circle
13Cook Street
14Crabapple Court
15Croswell Street
16Cuthbert Court
17Denby Street
18Dickenson Street
19Dorsey Street
20East Hollister Street
21East Lafayette Street
22East Newberry Street
23East Pond Drive
24East Saint Clair Street
25East Washington Street
26Erin's Way
27Evline Drive
28Ewell Street
29Fairgrove Street
30Haber Street
31Haddam Street
32Harriet Street
33Hart Street
34Jeffery Court
35Lexington Circle
36Mae Court
37Mcvicar Street
38Meadowbrook Lane
39Minot Street
40 Morton Street
41Mussey Street
42Newcastle Lane
43North Bailey Street
44North Fremont Street
45North Main Street
46North Rawles Street
47Notre Dame Boulevard
49Nottingham Street
50Paton Way
51Peach Blossom Way
52Plum Court
53Prospect Street
54Queensway Court
55Railroad Street
56Rettell Street
57Romeo Mobile Manor
58Roses Court
59Salem Drive North
60Salem Drive South
61School Place
62Shaffer Drive
63Sophies Court
64South Bailey Street
65South Fremont Street
66South Rawles Street
67Spring Street
68Strawberry Court
69Tillson Street
70Tory Circle
71Turner Street
72Van Dyke Road
73Victoria Lane
74Village Green
75W Street Clair Street
76Walter Sheetz Drive
77West Hollister Street
78West Lafayette Street
79West Newberry Street
80 West Washington Street
81Wonder Lane