List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Shelby, Michigan

#Street Name
1100th Ave
2102nd Ave
3104th Ave - Manistee National Forest
4110th Ave
51st St
664th Ave
766th Ave
872nd Ave
979th Ave
1080th Ave
1180th Rd
1290th Ave
13Bennett St
14Beverly St
15Bevier St
16Cherry St
17Chesapeake And Ohio Railroad
18County Highway B-15
19Deming Rd
20Deming St
21Dewey St
22Dnr Railtrail
23E 2nd St
24E 3rd St
25E 4th St
26E 5th St
27E 6th St
28E Hill
29E Shelby Rd - Manistee National Forest
30E Warren Rd
31Elizabeth Dr
32Elliott St
33Ellis St
34Ferry St
35Fish Rd
36Florida St
37Fowler St
38Georgia St
39Grant Rd
40 Grant St
41Harrison St
43Harvey St
44Hayes Rd
45Industrial Park Dr
46Kelly St
47Lesada St
48Lewis St
49N Apricot Ln
50N Maple St
51N Michigan Ave
52N State St
53N Sunset Terrace
54Ohio St
55Orchard View Dr
56Ottawattamie Trail
57Paubowme Trail
58Paybowme Trail
59Pike Rd - Manistee National Forest
60Pine Grove Dr
61Pine St
62Piper St
63Pleasant St
64Radar Rd
65Rankin St
66Runner St
67S 110th Ave
68S 124th Ave
69S 128th Ave - Manistee National Forest
70S 24th Ave
71S 28th Ave
72S 32nd Ave
73S 34th Ave
74S 40th Ave
75S 42nd Ave
76S 54th Ave
77S 58th Ave
78S 66th Ave
79S 86th Ave
80 S 96th Ave
81S Apache Dr
82S Glen Rd
83S Haw Bacoung Trail
84S Lighthouse Dr
85S Logging Rd
86S State St
87S Sunset Terrace
88S Timber Dunes Rd
89Scenic Dr
90School St
91Sessions Rd
92Shawbacoung Trail
93Shawbecoung Trail
94Trimview Estates
95Valley St
96W 2nd St
97W 3rd St
98W 4th St
99W 5th St
100W 6th St
101W Baker Rd
102W Buchanan Rd
103W Grant Rd
104W Hayes Rd - Manistee National Forest
105W Johnson Rd
106W Pierce Rd
107W Plum Rd
108W Radar Rd
109W Spur Dr
110W Stone Rd
111W Stonycroft Rd
112W Thomas St
113W Warren Rd
114W Weaver Rd
115W Woodrow Rd
116Walnut St
117Water Rd
118White St
119Wisconsin St