List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Sparta, Michigan

#Street Name
110 Drive Northwest
210 Mile Road Northwest
311 Mile Road Northwest
412 Mile Road Northwest
513 Mile Road Northwest
614 Mile Road Northwest
715 Mile Road Northwest
8Algoma Highlands Drive Northeast
9Alma Street
10Alpine Avenue
11Amelia Street
12Anderson Street
13Apple Jack Court
14Applejack Court Northwest
15Applewood Drive Northwest
16Arends Avenue Northeast
17Aspen Meadow Court
18Aspen Meadow Drive
19Atkinson Street Northwest
20Balsum Fir Avenue
21Beam Court Northeast
22Bedford Falls Drive Northwest
23Berkley Court Northeast
24Bitternut Avenue
25Blaauw Drive Northwest
26Blaauw Street
27Blake Street
28Blossom Drive
29Bluebird Acres
31Bobolink Drive Northeast
32Bobs Parkway
33Briarpatch Road
34Broman Street Northeast
35Camp Lake Drive Northeast
36Carrie Street
37Cedar Lane Northeast
38Cedar Pines Lane
39Centennial Street
40 Chary Lane
41Chary Lane Northwest
42Churchill Road Northwest
43Churchill Street
44Circle Drive
45Clarkson Drive Northeast
46Clay Street
47Clearview Crossing
48Connie Industrial Drive
49Connie Industrial Drive Northwest
50Cosby Way Drive
51Country Park Drive
52Country View Circle Northwest
53Country View Court Northwest
54Country View Drive Northwest
55County Highway B72
56County Highway B72 Northwest
57Creekside Street
58Crystal Ridge Drive Northeast
59Cumings Court Northwest
60Diana Walk Northeast
61Donna Street Northwest
62Doris Street
63Douglas Fir Court Northeast
64Douglas Fir Drive Northeast
65Dusk Avenue
66E Averill Street Northwest
67E Gardner Street Northwest
68E Woodlane Drive Northwest
69Eagle Wing Lane
70Eaglewood Court
71Eaglewood Drive
72East Division Street
73East Mark Street
74Echo Ridge Drive Northeast
75Ecklund Street
76Edward Street Northwest
77Elmwood Street
78Emerald Lane
79Engelair Court
80 Evergreen Street
81Fairlane Drive Northwest
82Fox Trail
83Foxwood Drive Northeast
84Freedom Avenue Northwest
85Friendship Drive Northwest
86Fruit Ridge Avenue Northwest
87Glen Park Court
88Glen Park Court Northwest
89Glen Park Drive
90Glenn Street Northwest
92Glenside Drive
93Gooseneck Drive
94Greenwich Drive Northeast
95Grove Street
96Gunn Street
97Happy End Drive Northwest
98Harmony Place
99Harper Drive
101Henderson Lane Northeast
102Hendler Drive
103Hickory Stick Court
104Hickory Street
105Hickory Street Northwest
106Homestead Acres Road Northwest
107Hull Street Northeast
108Ida Red
109Ida Red Avenue
110Ida Red Avenue Northwest
111Indian Bluffs Court Northeast
112Indian Lakes Road Northwest
113Ingram Road
114Jack Pine Avenue
115Jadon Court Northeast
116Jo Ellen Avenue
117Kenalex Court
118Kings Boulevard
119Knob Street
120Lake Dr Nw
121Lake Drive Northwest
122Lake Gerald Court Northeast
123Landmark Avenue Northwest
124Landmark Street
125Laubach Avenue Northwest
126Laurie Street Northwest
127Leasure Drive Northeast
128Leisure Acres Street
129Library Street
130Little Cedar Creek
131Lone Pine Street Northwest
132Lonetree Court Northwest
133Lonetree Drive Northwest
134Long Lake Drive
135Long Lake Drive Northwest
136Loomis Street
137Low Lake Drive Northeast
138Lucille Walk
139Lucky Lane
140Luru Lane Northwest
141Lymburner Avenue Northeast
142Maizie Lane
143Maple Plum Street
144Maple Street Northwest
146Martindale Street Northwest
147Maywood Drive Northeast
148Me Park Northwest
149Meadow Park Drive
150Meadow Park Drive Northwest
151Meadowgate Drive Northeast
152Meadowpark Drive Northwest
153Mieras Drive Northeast
154Minnies Way Drive
155Morning View Drive
156Murdock Drive
157N Aspen Street Northwest
158Nash Street
159Nelson Street
160North Aspen Street
161North Division Avenue
162North Elm Street
163North M 37/10 Mile Turnaround
164North State Street
165North Sunset Pines
166North Union Street
167O'connor Street
168Old School Forest Lane
169Olin Meadows Court
170Olin Ridge Drive
171Olin Woods Drive
172Olmstead Street
173Orchard Drive
174Orchard Park Drive Northeast
175Ostman Street
176Park Lane
177Park Lane Northwest
178Parker Woods
179Peach Ridge Avenue Northwest
180Pearl Street
181Phelps Avenue Northwest
182Picardy Drive Northwest
183Pine Island Drive
184Pine Island Drive Northeast
185Pine Street
186Pippin Drive
187Pleasant Street
188Prasada Court Northeast
189Prasada Drive Northeast
190Prevost Drive
191Prospect Street Northwest
192Red Coat Lane Northeast
193Red Fox Tr
194Red Hawk Trail
195Red Pine Street Northwest
196Regal Garden Drive
197Reyburn Drive Northeast
198River Birch Street
199River Road
200Robins Lane
201Rogers Court
203Running Water Court Northwest
204Running Water Drive Northwest
205Running Waters Court Northwest
206S Aspen Street Northwest
207S State Street Northwest
208San Souci Drive
209San Souci Drive Northwest
210Sandgrove Drive Northeast
211Scarlet Maple Avenue
212Schuilling Drive Northeast
213Schultz Street Northwest
214Shady Ridge Drive
215Sid Lauskus
216Silver Creek Avenue
217Skyview Drive Northwest
218South Elm Street
219South Main Street
220South Street
221South Sunset Pines
222South Union Street Northwest
223Sparta Avenue Northwest
224Spartan Drive
225Stauffer Drive Northeast
226Stebbins Avenue
227Stebbins Avenue Northwest
228Stonecrest Drive Northeast
229Susan Walk
230Tabby Trail Drive Northwest
231Tebeau Drive Northeast
232Tentree Drive Northwest
233Tentree Street
234Terrace Street
235Thome Drive
236Tibalew Drive Northeast
237Timmer Drive
238Traveler Drive Northwest
239Tropical Drive
240Trout Court Northeast
241Turkey Run Court Northeast
242Turtle Court
243Tyler Way Drive Northeast
244Vandyke Drive
245Viking Drive Northwest
246Vine Street
247W Division Street Northwest
248W Gardner Street Northwest
249W Woodlane Drive Northwest
251Washington Street
252Washington Street Northwest
253West Averill Street
254West Division Street
255West Harmony Drive
256West Mark Street
257Whispering Pines Avenue Northwest
258Whistling Pines
259Whistling Pines Lane Northwest
260White Pine Street Northwest
261White Spruce Drive Northeast
262White Street
263White Trillium Court Northeast
264Willow Oak Avenue
265Windsor Drive Northeast
266Winter Pines Court
267Woodpark Drive