List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Barnesville, Minnesota

#Street Name
1100th St
2100th St
310th Ave Se
410th St Se
5110th Ave S
611th Ave Se
711th St Ne
811th St Se
9120th Ave S
1012th St Se
11138th Ave
1213th St Ne
1313th St Se
14140th Ave S
15145th Ave S
16148th St S
1714th St Ne
1814th St Se
19150th St S
2015th St Ne
2115th St Se
22160th Ave S
23160th St S
24161st Ave S
25162nd Ave S
26165th Ave S
27169th St S
28170th Ave S
29170th St S
30173rd Ave S
31173rd St S
32175th St S
33180th Ave S
34180th St S
35190th St S
36200th St S
37210th St S
38216th St S
39255th St S
40 2nd Ave Se
412nd Ave Sw
422nd St Se
433rd Ave Ne
443rd Ave Se
453rd St Se
463rd Sw
474 1/2 Ave Ne
484th Ave Se
494th St Se
505th Ave Nw
515th Ave Se
525th St Se
535th St Sw
546th Ave Nw
556th Ave Se
566th St Nw
576th St Se
586th St Sw
597th Ave Se
607th St Nw
617th St Sw
628th Ave Se
638th St Se
6490th Ave S
659th Ave Se
669th St Se
67County Highway 10
68County Highway 2
69County Highway 21
70County Highway 21
71County Highway 25
72County Highway 31
73County Highway 32
74County Highway 52
75County Road 126
76County Road 127
77County Road 182
78County Road 188
79County Road 192
80 County Road 2
81County Road 21
82County Road 51
83County Road 52
84County Road 55
85County Road 56
86County Road 71
87Front St N
88Front St S
89Hwy 32 S
90Hwy 34
91Hwy 52 S
92Hwy 9
93Hwy 9 S
94Main Ave E
95Main Ave W
96Rte 9
97S 150th St
101Wilkin County 11