List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Baudette, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th St Nw
212th St Nw
313th Ave Sw
414th Ave Nw
518th Ave Nw
618th Ave Sw
71st Ave
81st Ave E
91st Ave Ne
101st Ave Nw
111st Ave Se
121st Ave Sw
131st St N
141st St Ne
151st St Nw
161st St S
171st St Se
181st St Sw
1920th Ave Nw
2021st Ave Sw
2121st St Sw
2222nd Ave Nw
2324th Ave Nw
2425th Ave Sw
252nd Ave E
262nd Ave Ne
272nd Ave Nw
282nd Ave Se
292nd Ave Sw
302nd Ave W
312nd St N
322nd St Ne
332nd St Nw
342nd St S
352nd St Se
362nd St Sw
3734th Ave Nw
3837th Ave Se
3937th Ave Se
40 38th Ave Nw
413rd Ave E
423rd Ave Ne
433rd Ave Se
443rd Ave Sw
453rd St Ne
463rd St S
473rd St Se
483rd St Sw
4949th Ave Sw
504th Ave
514th Ave E
524th Ave Ne
534th Ave Nw
544th Ave Se
554th St N
564th St Ne
574th St Nw
584th St S
594th St Se
604th St Sw
6151st St Sw
6255th St Se
6359th St Se
645th Ave E
655th Ave Nw
665th Ave Se
675th St S
685th St Se
695th St Sw
706th Ave E
716th Ave Nw
726th Ave Se
7371st St Se
747th Ave E
757th Ave Se
767th St Se
778th Ave Se
78Airport Rd
79Airport Rd Nw
80 Anchor Bay Dr Nw
81Anchor Bay Rd Nw
82Aspen Trail Nw
83Bankton Trail Sw
84Bay Ave Se
85County Highway 16
86County Highway 3
87County Highway 6
88County Highway 6
89County Highway 77
90County Highway 79
91County Highway 79
92County Road 1
93County Road 100
94County Road 104
95County Road 104
96County Road 120
97County Road 122
98County Road 128
99County Road 142
100County Road 146
101County Road 153
102County Road 167
103County Road 190
104County Road 191
105County Road 194
106County Road 195
107County Road 198
108County Road 200
109County Road 201
110County Road 202
111County Road 203
112County Road 213
113County Road 26
114County Road 35
115County Road 377
116County Road 39
117County Road 5
118County Road 6 Nw
119County Road 67
120County Road 69
121County Road 70
122County Road 72
123County Road 73
124County Road 74
125County Road 75
126County Road 77
127County Road 79
128County Road 82
129County Road 84
130County Road 85
131County Road 85
132County Road 88
133County Road 89
134E Hamilton
135Front St Ne
136Hay Creek Rd Se
137Hwy 11
138Hwy 11
139Hwy 172
140Hwy 72
141Hwy 72
142International Dr
143Jochim Dr Nw
144Kelly Creek Dr Nw
145Kooc 14 Border
146Linden Ave Ne
147Main Ave
148Main St
149Main St E
150Main St W
151Miller Dr Nw
152Minimum Maintenance Road 158
153Noble Dr
154Pitt Grade Rd Sw
155Pitt Grade Trail
156Rapid River Rd
157Red Pine Dr Nw
158Riley Dr Ne
159River Dr Ne
160River Ln Nw
161River Park St
162Riverside Dr Nw
163Senske Creek Dr Nw
164Tourist Park Ave
165Tourist Park Rd
166Tower Dr
167Town Road 112
168Town Road 117
169Town Road 125
170Town Road 126
171Town Road 128
172Town Road 134
173Town Road 136
174Town Road 137
175Town Road 138
176Town Road 139
177Town Road 140
178Town Road 216
179Town Road 297
180Town Road 384
181Town Road 388
182Town Road 9
183Twin River Dr Nw
184Ut 112
185Ut 117
186Ut 125
187Ut 126
188Ut 128
189Ut 134
190Ut 136
191Ut 137
192Ut 138
193Ut 139
194Ut 140
195Ut 216
196Ut 297
197Ut 9
198W Hamilton
199Willow Trail Nw
200Winter Dr Nw