List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Farmington, Minnesota

#Street Name
110th St
211th St
3125th St Ne
412th St
513th St
614th St
7169th St W
8170th St W
9180th Ct W
10180th St W
11186th St W
12187th Ct W
13187th St W
14189th St W
15191st St
16191st St W
17192nd St
18193rd St W
19196th St W
20197th St W
21198th St W
22199th Ct W
23199th St Ct
241st St
25200th St E
26200th St W
27201st St E
28201st St W
29203rd Ct W
30208th St W
3120th St W
32210th St W
33212th St W
34220th St
35220th St E
36220th St W
37223rd St W
38224th St W
39225th St W
40 230th St W
41245th St W
42247th St W
43250th St W
44255th St W
45257th St W
46260th St W
47265th St W
482nd St
4940th Ave Ne
5040th Ave Ne
514th St
525 Oaks Dr
535th St
546th St
557th St
5680th Ave
5780th Ave Ne
5885th St Ne
598th St
609th St
61Abbey Ln
62Ahern Blvd
63Akin Cir
64Akin Ct
65Akin Rd
66Akron Ave
67Albatross Cir
68Alverno Ave
69Ash St
70Ash St W
71Beaumont Ave
72Beaumont Way
74Beech St
75Belinda Cir
76Bentley Ct
77Berring Ave
78Biscayne Ave W
79Blaine Ave
80 Brennan Path
81Bristol Ln
82Burlington Path
83Butternut Trail
84Cabrilla Ct
85Cabrilla Way
86Caldwell Ct
87Caledonia Dr
88Calgary Trail
89Calhoun Ct
90Calico Ct
91California Ave
92Calumet Ct
93Cambodia Ave
94Cambrian Way
95Camden Cir
96Camden Ct
97Camden Path
98Cameron Way
99Camrose Way
100Canberra Ct
101Canby Ct
102Cannon Rd
103Canova Ct
104Cantata Ave W
105Canton Ct
106Cantrel Way
107Capri St
108Caravel Ct
109Carina Ct
110Carlisle Ct
111Carmel Trail
112Carver Ln
113Carver St
114Catalina Way
115Centennial Cir
116Centennial Ct
117Centennial Dr
118Century Ct
119Century Rd
120Chandler Ave
121Chesterfield Way
122Chevelle Ave
123Chippendale Ave W
124Chippendale Ct
125Claire Ct
126Claremont Dr
127County Highway 21
128County Highway 38
129County Road 128 Ne
130County Road 128 Ne
131County Road 21 Ne
132County Road 23
133County Road 38
134County Road 58
135County Road 66
136County Road 72
137County Road 74
138County Road 78
139County Road 80
140Cypress Dr
141Dallas Ave
142Dawson Ln
143Deerbrooke Path
144Dellwood Ave
145Denali Ct
146Denali Way
147Denmark Ave
148Desmond Ct
149Devonshire Ave
150Devrie Path
151Dodd Blvd
152Doffing Ave
153Dover Ct
154Dublin Dr
155Dulaney Dr
156Dulcimer Cir
157Dulcimer Ct
158Duluth Cir
159Duluth St
160Dunbury Ave
161Dunbury Cir
162Dunbury Knolls
163Dupont Way
164Dyers Pass
165Dylan Dr
166E Beech St
167E Oak St
168E Oaks Dr
169E Willow St
170Eagle Ln
171Eagleview Ln
172Eagleview Way
173Eaglewood Trail
174Easton Ave
175Easton Ct
176Eastview Ave
177Eaton Ave
178Eaves Ct
179Eaves Way
180Echo Dr
181Echo Terrace
182Edgewood Ct
183Edmonton Ave
184Egret Ct
185Egret Way
186Eldorado Way
187Elgin Ave
188Elite Ct
189Elk River Trail
190Elkridge Trail
191Elkwood Ave
192Ellice Ln
193Ellington Trail
194Elm Creek Ln
195Elm Tree Cir
196Elmwood Cir
197Elsmere Ct
198Ely Ave
199Embers Ave
200Emblem Ct
201Embry Ave
202Embry Ln
203Emerald Cir
204Emerald Trail
205Emerson Cir
206Emperor Ct
207Empire Trail
208Enchanted Ct
209Enchanted Way
210Encina Path
211Encore Ct
212Englewood Cir
213Englewood Ct
214Englewood Way
215English Ave
216English Ct
217Enhance Ct
218Enright Ct
219Enright Way
220Epic Ct
221Erickson Ct
222Erickson Path
223Erin Ct
224Erin Way
225Escalade Way
226Escort Trail
227Esquire Way
228Essence Trail
229Essex Ave
230Estate Ave
231Estes Path
232Euclid Path
233Euclid St
234Euclid Way
235Eureka Ave
236Evening Star Ct
237Evening Star Way
238Evensong Ave
239Evensong Ct
240Evenston Dr
241Eventide Way
242Everest Cir
243Everest Ct
244Everest Path
245Everglade Ct
246Everglade Path
247Everhill Ave
248Everton Cir
249Everton Ct
250Ewing St
251Excalibur Trail
252Excel Ct
253Exceptional Trail
254Exchange Trail
255Exclusive Path
256Executive Path
257Exeter Ct
258Exeter Pl
259Exley Ave
260Exodus Ave
261Exodus Cir
262Exodus Ct
263Explorer Way
264Export Trail
265Facade Ave
266Fair Isle Path
267Fairfax Ave
268Fairgreen Ave
269Fairhaven Ave
270Fairhill Ave
271Fairmeadow Ct
272Fairmeadow Way
273Fairmont Ave
274Fairview Cir
275Fairview Ln
276Falcon Path
277Fallbrook Ct
278Faraday Ct
279Faraday Ln
280Farrago Trail
281Festal Ave
282Fieldcrest Ct
283Fiesta Ave
284Finch Path
285Finesse Trail
286Firebird Path
287Fireside Ln
288Firestone Cir
289Firestone Ct
290Firestone Path
291Firman Ct
292Firtree Pl
293Fisher Ct
294Flagstaff Ave
295Florin Ave
296Flounder Ct
297Folsom Path
298Fontana Path
299Forbes Ct
300Forfar Ct
301Foxboro Ln
302Freeport Way
303Gage Ave
304Gage Ct
305Gage Way
306Goldfinch Dr
307Granite Path
308Heathrow Way
309Heritage Way
310Hickory St
311Highland Cir
312Hwy 247
313Hwy 3
314Knutsen Dr
315Langford Ln
316Larch St
317Linden St
318Locust St
319Lower 169th St W
320Lower 182nd St W
321Lower 183rd St W
322Lower Heritage Way
323Mckendry Path
324Meadowlark Way
325Municipal Dr
326N 7th St
327Oak St
328Olmstead Wabasha County Line
329Park Dr
330Pine Pl
331Prairie View Trail
332Rte 3
333Spruce St
334Station Trail
335Sunnyside Dr
336Tamarack Trail
337Upper 182nd St W
338Upper 183rd St W
339Upper 204th St W
340Vermillion River Trail
341Westdel Rd
342Westgail Ct
343Westlyn Ct
344Westview Ct
345Westwood Ct
346Whispering River Ln
347Willow St
348Willow Trail