List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ottertail, Minnesota

#Street Name
11st St
21st St S
32nd St S
43 Lakes Rd
5308th St
6310th St
7330th St
8340th St
9348th St
10355th St
11359th St
12430th Ave
13437th Ave
14438th Ave
15439th Ave
16447th Ave
17454th Ave
18455th Ave
19460th Ave
20465th Ave
21467th Ave
22470th Ave
23477th Ave
24480th Ave
25490th Ave
26505th Ave
27510th Ave
28513th Ave
29Arvilla Dr
30Bay View Rd
31Blue Spruce Dr
32Boys Shore Ln
33Boys Shore Trail
34Brademeyer Rd
35Buchanan Rd
36Canary Dr
37China St
38County Highway 1
39County Highway 127
40 County Highway 14
41County Highway 52
42County Highway 54
43County Highway 55
44County Road 55
45Cove Rd
46Cozy Oak Dr
47Crappie Trail
48Crimson Dr
49Donalds Rd
50Elm Ave
51Flicker Ln
52Hawes Beach Rd
53Hidden Rd
54Hidden Trail
55Hilltop Rd
56Hwy 108
57Hwy 78
58Jackson Rd
59Jackson Trail
60Jim And Kathryn Dr
61Lake Ave
62Lake Ave N
63Lake Blvd E
64Lake Blvd W
65Lamplight Dr
66Leaf River Rd
67Long Blvd
68Long Lake Dr
69Long St
70Lueders Dr
71Lueders Rd
72Lynn Rd
73Main St
74Main St E
75Maple Ave
76Maple Ave S
77Matson Point Rd
78Mcgawan Trail
79Mcgowan Estates Rd
80 Mcgowan Trail
81Miller Beach Rd
82Nw 6th Ave
83Oak Ave
84Otter Dr
85Otter Tail River Rd
86Ottertail Ave
87Park Cir
88Pelican Rd
89Pioneer Dr
90Portage Loop
91Portage Rd
92Pottery Dr
93Public Acc
94Quiet Waters Rd
95Ray Dr
96River View Dr
97Round Lake Dr
98Round Lake Ln
99Round Lake Loop
100Round Lake Trail
101Rush Lake Loop
102Rush Lake Rd
103Rush Lake Trail
104Rush Lake View
105S Portage Dr
106Sawmill Rd
107Shores Rd
108Sunset Dr
109Tent N Trailer Rd
110Thumper Lodge Rd
111Thumper Pond Dr
112Township Road 1412
113Township Road 255
114Wallenberg Dr
115West Ave
116Willow Rd
117Winslow Ln