List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Princeton, Minnesota

#Street Name
1107th Ave
210th Ave N
310th Ave S
410th St
5116th St
611th Ave N
711th Ave S
8120th St Nw
9124th St
1012th Ave
1112th Ave N
1212th Ave S
13136th St
14137th St Nw
1513th Ave N
1613th Ave S
17144th St
18144th St
1914th Ave
2014th Ave N
2114th Ave S
2214th Ln N
2314th St
2415th Ave N
2515th Ave S
2615th St N
27160th Ave
28160th Ave
2916th Ave
3016th Ave N
3116th St
3216th St N
33175th Ave Ne
3417th Ave N
3517th Ave S
3617th St
3717th St N
38186th Ave Ne
3918th Ave
40 18th St
4118th St N
42190th Ave Se
4319th Ave
4419th Ave N
451st St
4621st Ave N
4721st Ave S
482nd St
492nd St N
50307th Ave Nw
51309th Ave
5230th St
53314th Ave Nw
54316th Ave Nw
55319th Ave
56325th Ave Nw
57337th Ave Nw
5833rd St
59357th Ave Nw
6035th St
6135th St
623rd Ave Ct N
6340th St
644th Ave N
654th Ave S
664th St Cir
674th St S
6850th Ave
6950th Ave
7050th St
7152nd St
7254th Ave
7355th St
7456th Ave
7559th Ave
765th Ave N
775th St N
7860th St
7964th St
80 65th St
816th Ave N
826th Ave S
836th St N
8472nd Ave
8575th Ave
8676th St
8777th Ave
887th Ave N
897th Ave S
907th St N
9182nd Ave
9285th Ave
938th Ave N
948th Ave S
959th Ave N
969th Ave S
97Afton Rd
98Airport Rd
99Aloe Cir
100Alpha Rd
101Alpine Rd
102Appleton Rd
103Ash Ave
104Aspen Rd
105Audobon Rd
106Baptist Church Rd
107Baxter Rd
108Brickton Rd
109County Highway 1
110County Highway 3
111County Road 102
112County Road 11
113County Road 117
114County Road 122
115County Road 13
116County Road 137
117County Road 15
118County Road 18 S
119County Road 29
120County Road 3
121County Road 31
122County Road 4
123County Road 7
124County Road 7
125Davenport Rd
126Fairlawn Rd
127Fairway Dr
128Hwy 95
129Ingall's Dr
130Jarvis St Nw
131Jarvis St Nw
132Maple Ln N
133Maple Rd
134Meadow View Dr
135N 10th St
136N 11th St
137N 13th St
138N 14th St
139N 2nd St
140N 3rd St
141N 5th St
142N 6th St
143N 7th St
144N 8th St
145N 9th St
146N Rum River Dr
147Northland Blvd
148Oak Cir
149Oak Ln N
150Old 18th Cir
151Peridat St Nw
152Pine Ln
153Pine Ln N
154Ridge Rd
155Roanoke St Nw
156S 14th St
157S 17th Ave
158S 2nd St
159S 3rd St
160S 4th St
161S 5th St
162S 6th St
163S Rum River Dr
164S Rum River Dr
165Scenic Dr
166Smith Sys Rd
167Smith Sys Rd
168Spruce Dr
169Stanchfield Lake Rd Nw
170Sunset Dr
172Triangle Ct
173Verti-flo Ln
174W Branch St
175Whiting Cir Nw
176Willow Cir
177Woodland Cir
178Woodland Ct
179Woodland Dr