List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Sartell, Minnesota

#Street Name
111th Ave E
212th Ave E
312th Ave N
414th Ave E
515th St S
617th St N
719th Ave N
81st Ave E
91st Ave Ne
101st St N
111st St Ne
122 1/2 St N
1320th St N
1421st Ave N
1521st St N
1627th St N
172nd Ave E
182nd Ave N
192nd St S
2033rd St N
21342nd St
22345th St
23345th St N
2434th St N
25357th St
2635th St
2735th St N
28362nd St
293rd Ave E
303rd Ave N
313rd St N
324th Ave E
334th Ave N
344th Ave S
3552nd Ave
3655th Ave
3757th Ave
385th Ave E
395th Ave S
40 6th Ave N
416th Ave S
426th St S
437th Ave N
447th St Ne
458th Ave N
46Anna Ave
47Anna Ave S
48Antler Creek Ct
49Ash Cir
50Autumn Dr
51Bantam Rd
52Bear Path Ct
53Bechtold Dr
54Birch Cir
55Blackberry Cir
56Blackberry Ct
57Bluebird Ct
58Boulder Ct
59Boulder Dr
60Brianna Dr
61Bridge Port Dr
62Brookwood Ln
63Caitlyn Ct
64Campus Loop
65Celebration Cir
66Celebration Dr
67Chad Ct
68Cheval Dr
69Clemson Ave N
70Co Highway 1
71Coborn Ct
72Connecticut Ave S
73Corrine Creek
74Corrine Ct
75Cougar Ct
76Cougar Ln
77County Road 1
78County Road 119
79County Road 133
80 County Road 78
81Cypress Cir
82Davenport Ct
83Dehler Dr
84Duchess Ct
85Duke Ct
86Eagle's Nest Ct
87Edgewater Ln
88Edinburgh St
89Eleanor Ct
90Elenor Ct
91Evening Star Ct
92Falcon Ct
93Fieldcrest Ct
94Fieldcrest Ln
95Frontier Ave
96Glacier Ave
97Greenview Ct
98Greenwood Ln
99Grizzly Ln
100Heritage Dr
101Hi Vue Dr
102High Dr Sw
103Horizon Ave
104Huntington Dr S
105Independence Ct
106Independence Ct S
107Kendall Ct
108Killdeer Ave
109Kings Ct
110Kings Way
111Knickerbocker Ct
112Knottingham Dr
113Kruchten Ct S
114Lavender Ave S
115Lawrence Cir
116Lawrence Ct
117Le Sauk Dr
118Liberty Ct
119Lowell Cir
120Lowell Ln
121Madison Ct
122Martin Ct
123Meadow Dr
124Meadowlawn Ct
125Medical Arts Ave S
126Michaels Ct
127Mockingbird Dr
128Morning Glory Ave
129Morningstar Ct
130N Benton Dr
131N Highland Dr
132Northstar Ct
133Northstar Dr
134Northview Dr
135Nuthatch Ave
136Oak Grove Ave
137Oak Hill Ct
138Oak Pond Ct
139Oak Pond Dr
140Oriole Ave
141Park Ave
142Parkview Ln
143Pebble Creek Ct
144Perimeter Dr
145Pheasant Dr
146Pine Cone Rd N
147Pine Cone Rd N
148Pine Cone Rd S
149Pine Ridge Rd
150Pine Siskin Ave S
151Pine Tree Ct
152Pinewood St
153Queens Ct
154Rainbow Ave
155Ridge Rd
156River Vista Ln
157Riverside Ave N
158Riverside Ave S
159Riverside Dr
160Roberts Rd
161Rolling Green Ct
162Sandstone Ct
163Sandstone Loop N
164Sandstone Loop S
165Sartell Ct
166Scenic Dr S
167Scott Dr
168Scout Dr
169Sierra Ct
170Sierra Loop
171Slemson Ave
172Southbridge Ave N
173Starlight Dr
174Sunburst Ave
175Sundance Ct
176Sundance Rd
177Sunray Ct
178Sunset Ave
179Tennessee Dr
180Tradewind Ave
181Trentwood Dr
182Troop Dr
183Twin Rivers Ct
184Utah Rd
185Vermont Dr
186Victory Ave S
187Victory Loop
188Village Ave
189Vista St
190W Meadow Ct
191W Sartell St
192Washington Ct
193Watab Ct
194Waterford Rd
195Whippoorwill Way
196Willow Ln
197Woodcrest Cir
198Wyoming Ct
199Zakrajshek Ct