List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Scandia, Minnesota

#Street Name
1180th Ln N
2181st St N
3182nd St N
4185th St N
5188th St N
6189th St N
7191st St N
8192nd St N
9195th St N
10197th St N
11199th St N
12205th St N
13209th St N
14215th St Ct N
15218th Ct N
16218th St N
17225th St N
18228th St N
19230th St N
20236th St N
21237th St N
22238th St N
23239th St Ct N
24240th St
25240th St
26240th St N
27240th St N
28Cedar Bend
29County Road 15
30County Road 3
31County Road 33
32County Road 52
33Hwy 97
34July Ave N
35Kenwood Ln
36Kesler Ave N
37Killian Ave N
38Kirk Ave N
39Kirk Ct N
40 Lakamaga Trail N
41Lamar Ave N
42Langly Ave N
43Larkspur Ave N
44Layton Ave N
45Layton Ct N
46Lofton Ave N
47Lofton Ct N
48Mallard Ave N
49Manning Cir N
50Manning Ct N
51Manning Ln N
52Margo Ave N
53Maxwill Ave N
54Mayberry Trail N
55Meadowbrook Ave N
56Melanie Trail N
57Morgan Ave
58Newgate Ave N
59Nolan Ave N
60O Brien Trail
61O Brien Trail N
62Oakhill Ln N
63Oakhill Rd N
64Oakhill Way
65Odell Ave N
66Odell Ct N
67Oland Ave N
68Old Marine Trail N
69Olgilvie Ave N
70Olinda Ln N
71Olinda Trail N
72Oren Rd N
73Orlo Dr N
74Orwell Ave N
75Orwell Ct N
76Ostrum Ave N
77Oxboro Ave N
78Oxboro Ln N
79Ozark Ct N
80 Parade Ave N
81Parkview Ave N
82Parkview Ln N
83Parrish Rd N
84Peabody Trail N
85Pickett Ave N
86Pilar Rd N
87Pomroy Ave N
88Pryor Ave N
89Quadrant Ave N
90Quality Trail N
91Quentin Ave N
92Quinnell Ave N
93Quint Ave N
94Scandia Trail N
95Washington County Road 50