List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Leakesville, Mississippi

#Street Name
11st St
22nd St
33 Ln Rd
43rd St
54th St
6Aden Ball Rd
7Alabama St
8Albert Smith Rd
9Alice Rd
10Annex Rd
11Atkinson Creek Loop Rd
12Audrey Ln
13Ball Camp Rd
14Ball Cooley Rd
15Ball Town Rd
16Bay Ave
17Beard Dr
18Bernard Loop
19Berry Rd
20Bice Corbello Rd
21Blue Jay Dr
22Bob Breland Ln
23Bolen Sowell Rd
24Bradley Ducitt Ave
25Bradley Dueitt Rd
26Bradley Rd
27Breland St
28Brewer Ave
29Briscoe St
30Brothers Dr
31Brown Ave
32Bruhl Ln
33Buddy Gray Rd
34Bulls Rd
35Busters Bluff Rd
36Calaway Ln
37Callas Ct
38Camp Rd
39Capital Ave
40 Cassady Ln
41Cecil Byrd Rd
42Center Ave
43Center St
44Charity Dr
45Charles Turner Rd
46Chase Dr
47Chat Branch Rd
48Chickadee Ln
49Claybern Ln
50Coaker Rd
51Cooley Rd
52Cooleytown Rd
53Cooper Rd
54Crawford Dr
55Creel Rd
56Davis Rd
57Dean Turner Extention
58Dean Turner Rd
59Deer Park Rd
60Deland Dr
61Denmark Cir
62Dewayne Smith Rd
63Dewberry Dr
64Dietz Ave
65Dimps Rd
66Dirt Texas St
67Dobbins Ave
68Dobbins Dr
69Double Branch Rd
70Edmond Ln
71Elizabeth Ave
72Evans Ave
73Ferguson Ave
74Finley Rd
75Flat Branch Rd
76Flora Ave
77Florida Ave
78Forest Ball Rd
79Fort Paradise Rd
80 Fourmile Creek Rd
81Fowl Rd
82Fowl Road Exd
83Foxpen Rd
84Frank Robers Ln
85Franklin St
86Fritz Ave
87Gatlin Creek Rd
88Gatling Creek Rd
89Gilley Ln
90God's Country Ln
91Grand Ave
92Gray Rd
93Greene Ave
94Greene Lodge Rd
95Grimes Rd
97Hack's Rd
98Hardy Ave
99Harry Eubanks Rd
100Harvison Rd
101Havard Wilkins Rd
102Heidel St
103Hembree Ct
104Hennington Huff Ln
105Herman Denmark Rd
106Herndon Rd
107High School Rd
108Hillhouse Dr
109Hillman Family Rd
110Hillman-williams Rd
111Hodges Rd
112Holland Rd
113Hope Ln
114Hosford Rd
115Howell Ln
116Hpc Rd
117Hwy 57
118Hwy 594
119Hwy 63
120Ira Turner Rd
121Issac Byrd Dr
122Ivan Turner Sr Rd
123Jackson Ave
124Jane Lee Dr
125Jasper Ave
126Jay Shepherd Rd
127Jeff Davis Rd
128Jernigan Rd
129Jim Miller Rd
130Jimmy Hunt Rd
131Joe Walley Rd
132Jonah Dr
133Jonathan Rd
134Josh Miller Ln
135Joy Rd
137L T Thomas Rd
138Lackey St
139Lafayette Ave
140Lake Dr
141Lake Gary Rd
142Lamar Ave
143Lamar Kittrell Rd
144Larney Bradley Rd
145Lavon Pierce And Sons Rd
146Leaning Oak Dr
147Leslie Dr
148Levert Dr
149Lillian St
150Lilly Pad Rd
151Lindsay Ave
152Long River Rd
153Louana Miss Rd
154Louisana Rd
155Louisiana Ave
156Malorie Dr
157Maples Mahoba Rd
158Maples Rd
159Marion Pierce Dr
160Marion Pierice Dr
161Marion St
162Martin Luther King Jr
163Max Williams Rd
164Mayberry Ln
165Mcdonald Rd
166Mcinnis Ave
167Mcinnis Ave
168Mcinnis Rd
169Mckay Ave
170Mckay Rd
171Mclain Ave
172Mclaurin Ave
173Mcleod Ave
174Mellie Ln
175Melody Ave
176Merritt Rd
177Midway Church Rd
178Miller Loop
179Mississippi St
180Monument Rd
181Morning Glory Dr
182Murdoc Walley Ln
183Murdock Walley Ln
184Mustang Dr
185Mutual Rights Loop
186N Davis St
187Neel Rd
188New Hope Rd
189Old Avera Rd
190Old Highway 163
191Old Highway 63
192Old Ken Mcinnes Rd
193Old Paulding Rd
194Old State Rd
195Papa Rd
196Paradise Pass
197Paulding Dr
198Paulding Rd
199Peach Ln
200Pelican Dr
201Pierce Ln
202Pierce Rd
203Pine Level Rd
204Piney Woods Rd
205Pinto Ln
206Pleasant Hill Rd
207Pleasent Dr
208Plug Smith Rd
209Power Line Dr
210Preacher Hill Rd
211Prison Ridge Rd
212Quail Ln
213R D Ball Rd
214Ragtown Rd
215Rainbow Dr
216Rancho Ande Dr
217Red Rd
218Reeves Dr
219Rhinehart Ln
220Richard Dr
221River Rd
222Riverview Dr
223Robert Miller Ln
224Robin Ln
225Roland Brewer Rd
226Rounsaville Rd
227Rounsiville Rd
228Rush Ln
229S Davis St
230S Marion St
231S Roberts Rd
232Sambo Walley Ln
233Sand Spring Loop
234Scott Ave
235Shady Hollow
236Shorty O'neal Rd
237Sidney Williams Dr
238Silcox Rd
239Silver Dollar Cir
240Sission Ave
241Sisson Ave
242Skull Creek Rd
243Smithdale Farm Rd
244Southern Oak Cir
245St Ellen Rd
246St Francis St
247Stateline Leakesville Rd
248Steer Hollow Rd
249Stranberg Rd
250Streadberg Rd
251T D Green Rd
252Taylor Rd
253Texas St
254Tom Miller Rd
255Turkey Pine Rd
256Turner Rd
257Twister Turner
258Twister Turner Ln
259U.s. 98
260Underwood Ball Rd
261Vardiman Ave
262Vess Dr
263Vo Tech Rd
264Votech Rd
265W Capital Ave
266W H Turner Rd
267W Oak St
268Walter O'neal Rd
269Wayne Ave
270Wayne Bradley Dr
271Welford Dr
272West Dr
273Westerfield St
274Whitfield Ave
275Williams Camp Rd
276Williams Dr
277Windwish Dr
278Wm Roberts Rd
279Zetta Turner Rd