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List of Street Names with maps in Soso, Mississippi

#Street Name
1Aching Acres
2Andy Knight Rd
3Austin Spradley Rd
4Babe Knight Rd
5Barnes Dr
6Barney Dr
7Ben Pitts Rd
8Bernis Hill Rd
9Big 10 Rd
10Big Creek Church Rd
11Bynum Rd
12Carolyn Rd
13Centerville Cutoff
14Centerville Rd
15Clarence Knight
16Colley Park Rd
17Cooley Park Rd
18Coon Jefcoat Rd
19County Road 73
20County Road 731
21Craft Rd
22Craven Rd
23Danny Hilbun Rd
24Davis Hyatt
25Davis Hyatt Rd
26Dusty Rd
27Dusty Todd Ln
28Dykes Rd
29Ell Knight Rd
30Fannie Dr
31Feed Mill Rd
32Franklin St
33Fred Ellzey Rd
34Frosty Hinton Rd
35George Moss Rd
36Goodwin Dr
37Gray Dr
38Gunter Cir
39Hebron Centerville Rd
40 Hendry Rd
41High Hill
42Howard Hill Rd
43Hwy 28
44Ingram Rd
45Joe Mapp Rd
46Joel T Jefcoat Rd
47Josh Hinton Rd
48Knight Cir
49Lamar Shows Cir
50Larmar Shows Creek
51Luther Knight Rd
52Margay Rd
53Mcvey Rd
54Mitch Dr
55Monroe Knight Rd
56Morning Star Rd
57Musgrove Ln
58N Holly St
59Northridge Rd
60Odell Holifield Rd
61Red Hinton Rd
62Reeves Dr
63Reid Dr
64Riley Todd Rd
65Rosie Harris Rd
66Roy Jefcoat Rd
67Ruffin Dr
68Sandhill Church Rd
69Sawmill St
70Scarbrough Rd
71Smith And Barnes Rd
72Soso Big Creek
73Soso Big Creek Rd
74Sumrall Bridge Rd
75Taw Jefcoat Rd
76Todd Rd
77Tommy Pickering Rd
78W Creek Rd
79Wedgeworth Rd
80 Willie Hilbun Rd