List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Taylorsville, Mississippi

#Street Name
1Ainsworth Dr
2Amory Dr
3Armory Dr
4Aubrey Knight Dr
5Back St
6Barnes Cemetary Rd
7Bash Blackwell Rd
8Ben Moffet Rd
9Ben Stroud Rd
10Benison Rd
11Bethel Church Rd
12Beverly St
13Big Duck Rd
14Bird Ln
15Blackwell Rd
16Boykin Dr
17Burns Spillway
18Burt Creel Rd
19C Road 1d
20C Road 23
21C Road 4-a
22C Road 84
23C Road 8b
24Carter Dee Rd
25Carter St
26Central St
27Chapman Ln
28Charlie Red
29Charlie Red Dr
30Cherry Rd
31Church Rd
32Church St
33Clark Dr
34Clark St
35Clark Watkins Rd
36Comfort St
37County Road 21
38County Road 29
39County Road 83
40 County Road 83-a
41Craft St
42Curlin Dr
43Curtis Knight Rd
44Cypress Ln
45Dallas St
46David Dr
47Dead River Rd
48Dixon Dr
49Eaton St
50Ella Dr
51Eric St
52Esco And Marchie Mc Ln
53Estate Rd
54Eureka St
55Evans Rd
56Ford Dr
57Ford St
58Forest Holifield Rd
59Forrest St
60Front St
61Gambrell Loop
62Gambrell Rd
63Gambrell St
64Gary St
65Gregg Rd
66Grisson Rd
67Hancock Dr
68Hankins St
69Harper Ln
70Haven Dr
71Headstart Rd
72Hebron Church Rd
73Henderson Dr
74Hester St
75Hickory Ln
76High St
77Hillcrest Ln
78Hillcrest Rd
79Huey P Rd
80 Hunt Rd
81Hwy 28
82Hwy 37
83Hwy 529
84Hwy 531
85Hydell St
86J T Keys Rd
87James Barnes Rd
88Jane St
89Jean St
90Jernigan Rd
91Joe Hatten Rd
92John Dale St
93John Furr Rd
94Johnston Rd
95Joy St
96Karens Dr
97Keene Dr
98Kennedy St
99Keys Dr
100Kilgore Dr
101King St
102Knight Mill Rd
103Leaf River Dr
104Lola Ln
105Mag Hatten Rd
106Magnolia Cir
107Mason Creek Rd
108Mathews Dr
109Mayfield St
110Mayhaw St
111Mccallum Dr
112Michael St
113Mineral Springs Rd
114Moffat Rd
115Moore St
116Mt Williams Ln
117Mt Williams Rd
118Mt Zion Church Rd
119Myrtle St
120Nell Dr
121Nix Dr
122Noble St
123Norris St
124Oak Grove Rd
125Oil Rd
126Old Gilmer Rd
127Old Palestine Church Rd
128Oyce Gandy Rd
129Payton Graves Rd
130Pecan St
131Pine St
132Quit Graves Rd
133Ridge St
134Risher St
135Robert Barnes Dr
136Roger St
137Royce Gandy Rd
138Royce Pool Rd
139S C Road 1
140S C Road 1
141S C Road 1-c
142S C Road 10b
143S C Road 10c
144S C Road 10d
145S C Road 10e
146S C Road 10f
147S C Road 15
148S C Road 16
149S C Road 16a
150S C Road 16b
151S C Road 16c
152S C Road 16d
153S C Road 16e
154S C Road 17
155S C Road 19
156S C Road 19
157S C Road 19-1
158S C Road 19-e
159S C Road 19-g
160S C Road 19d
161S C Road 19j
162S C Road 21
163S C Road 21-b
164S C Road 25
165S C Road 27
166S C Road 27a
167S C Road 28-2
168S C Road 28-3
169S C Road 3
170S C Road 37-4
171S C Road 4
172S C Road 531-1a
173S C Road 531-7
174S C Road 68
175S C Road 72
176S C Road 74
177S C Road 78
178S C Road 8
179S C Road 80
180S C Road 80-1
181S C Road 82
182S C Road 82-a
183S C Road 84-b
184S C Road 84-c
185S C Road 89
186S C Road 9
187S C Road 9-a
188S C Road 9-b
189S C Road 91
190S C Road 95-1
191Sam Graves Rd
192Sam's Ln
193School St
194Shee St
195Shelby Rd
196Short 7 Rd
197Smith County Road 15
198Smith County Road 19-a
199Smith County Road 19-d
200Smith County Road 19-e
201Smith County Road 19-f
202Smith County Road 531-2
203Smith County Road 531-3
204Smith County Road 78
205Smith County Road 78-a
206Smith County Road 78-b
207Smith County Road 80
208Smith County Road 80-a
209Smith County Road 99-a
210Spillway Rd
211Spring St
212St Regis Dr
213Stenet St
214Stennett St
215Summerland Rd
216Summerland Rd
217Summerland Stringer Rd
218Swor St
219Thigpen Rd
220Thompson Rd
221Todd St
222Tom Collins Rd
223Virgil St
224W Keyes Ln
225W Magnolia Ln
226Wanda St
227Welcome St
228Willis St
229Willow Ln