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List of Street Names with maps in Dallas, Missouri

#Street Name
1255th St
2Acorn Hill Dr
3Bear Hollow Ln
4Berlin Rd
5Black Oak Rd
6Bluebell Dr
7Clay Valley Dr
8Clearwater Dr
9Country Pl Dr
10County Road 427
11County Road 428
12County Road 434
13Dawn Dr
14Dutch Hill Rd
15Fawn Ln
16Fox Run Ln
17Foxtail Dr
18Gardner Hill Ln
19Hawkeye Dr
20Hidden Pond Dr
21Ince Dr
22Independence Dr
23Jordan Ln
24Kent Berry Rd
25Kingfisher Rd
26Lazy Bee Ln
27Limestone Dr
28Little Creek Dr
29Mellani Cir
30Mile W Of Ff On Gravel Rd
31Misty Valley Dr
32Ne Berlin Rd
33Ne Dallas Rd
34Ne Ellsworth Rd
35Ne Harris Rd
36Ne Lee Rd
37Ne Liberty Rd
38Ne Main St
39Ne Santa Rosa Rd
40 Ne State Hwy E
41Ne West St
42New Hope Rd
43Panther Creek Rd
44Patriot Dr
45Pleasant Grove Rd
46Red Oak Rd
47Road 441
48Roberts Rd
49Saddle Club Rd
50Se 1025
51Se 1131
52Se 1151 Rd
53Se 1251 Rd
54Se 1325
55Se 1379
56Se 1401
57Se 1425
58Se 1475
59Se 200
60Se 226 Rd
61Se 276
62Se 276 Rd
63Se 326 Pvt Rd
64Se 356
65Se 374
66Se 374 Pvt Rd
67Se 510 Rd
68Se 600
69Se 650 Rd
70Se 925 Rd
71Sparrow Hawk Rd
72State Highway D
73State Highway D
74State Highway F
75State Highway Ff
76State Highway Pp
77State Highway T
78State Hwy E
79Stewerd Dr
80 Stroud Hollow Ln
81Sun Flower Dr
82Switchgrass Rd
83Turkey Hill Rd
84W 125th Ln
85W 136 Ave
86W 136 Th Ave
87W 137th Ave
88W 138th Ave
89W 139th Ave
90W 145th Ave
91W 145th Ln
92W 155th Ave
93W 168th Ave
94W 230th St
95W 240th Pl
96W 247th St
97W 253rd Pl
98W 260th St
99W 261st St
100W 262nd St
101W 265th Pl
102W 270th St
103W 272nd Pl
104W 275th St
105W 280th Pl
106W Hwy F
107W State Highway J
108Walnut St
109Waxwing Ln
110Windswept Dr