List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Rolla, Missouri

#Street Name
1145b Rd
2295b Rd
38th St
4Adrian Ave
5Aintree Rd
6Aldi Dr
7Allyson Ct
8Alpha St
9Amber Pl
10Angus Valley Dr
11Anita Dr
12Ann Dr
13Arkansas Ave
14Ashwood Dr
15Autumn Pl
16Avon Ct
17Bahr-line Trail
18Bardsley Rd
19Barnitz Ave
20Basswood Dr
21Beaver Creek Rd
22Beaver Manor Dr
23Becca Dr
24Beech St
25Belmont Ct
26Belmont Dr
27Bill Ave
28Bittersweet Ln
29Black St
30Blue Bird Ln
31Blues Lake Pkwy
32Boxelder Dr
33Brady Dr
34Bray Ave
35Breeden Dr
36Brewer Dr
37Briarwood Dr
38Bridge School Rd
39Brighton Ct
40 Bristol Dr
41Britt Ln
42Brook Dr
43Brookridge Dr
44Brookside Ln
45Bryant Dr
46Bulldog Run
47Bullman Ln
48Burgher Dr
49California Dr
50Cambridge Dr
51Camelot Ct
52Canterbury Ct
53Cardinal Point Rd
54Carmel Ct
55Carol St
56Carriage Ln
57Casey Ln
58Cedar Grove Rd
59Cedar Hill Ct
60Cedar Terrace
61Cedarcrest Land
62Champion Dr
63Chapman Dr
64Chelsea Ln
65Chester Green Rd
66Chestnut Dr
67Cheswick Ct
68Chris Ct
69Christopher Dr
70Christy Dr
71Clemens Ave
72Cobblestone Dr
73College Hills Dr
74Collegiate Blvd
75Columbia Ave
76Colvin Rd
77Commerce Dr
78Commercial Dr
79Condo Dr
80 Cottage Ct
81Cottonwood Dr
82Country Club Rd
83Country Ln
84Country Ridge Rd
85Countryside Dr
86County Line Rd
87County Road 141
88County Road 142
89County Road 145
90County Road 152
91County Road 168
92County Road 18
93County Road 2000
94County Road 2020
95County Road 22
96County Road 226
97County Road 232
98County Road 250
99County Road 251
100County Road 251a
101County Road 253
102County Road 261
103County Road 277c
104County Road 3060
105County Road 3160
106County Road 3250
107County Road 39
108County Road 4110
109County Road 4110
110County Road 4220
111County Road 45
112County Road 501
113County Road 5010
114County Road 5020
115County Road 503
116County Road 5030
117County Road 5070
118County Road 5080
119County Road 5090
120County Road 5100
121County Road 5140
122County Road 5170
123County Road 5180
124County Road 5190
125County Road 5250
126County Road 5300
127County Road 543
128County Road 5480
129County Road 627
130County Road 7000
131County Road 702
132County Road 7040
133County Road 7050
134County Road 7060
135County Road 7080
136County Road 7100
137County Road 7110
138County Road 7120
139County Road 7145
140County Road 7150
141County Road 765
142County Road 770
143County Road 8000
144County Road 8030
145County Road 8040
146County Road 8040
147County Road 8070
148County Road 8080
149County Road 8090
150County Road 8100
151County Road 8140
152County Road 8150
153County Road 8160
154County Road 8200
155County Road 8400
156Coventry Ln
157Crabapple Ln
158Cresent Ridge
159Crestland Dr
160Crestview Dr
161Crinoidal Ct
162Cronin Ct
163Curtis Dr
164Cypress Dr
166Dan Watson Rd
167Dana Renee Dr
168Deer Run Ct
169Del Mar Ct
170Devonshire Ln
171Dogwood Ln
172Donald Dr
173Dover Dr
174Duane Ave
175Duke Dr
176E 10th St
177E 10th St
178E 12th St
179E 13th St
180E 14th St
181E 16th St
182E 17th St
183E 18th St
184E 19th St
185E 2nd St
186E 4th St
187E 5th St
188E 6th St
189E 7th St
190E 8th St
191E 9th St
192Eagle Wing
193Eastwood Dr
194Eastwood Dr
195Edgar Star Route
196Edith Ave
197Elcar Ct
198Ella Ct
199Elliott Dr
200Elmwood Dr
201Emily Dr
202Enterprise Dr
203Fairburn Dr
204Fairgrounds Rd
205Farrar Dr
206Forest Dr
207Forest Pl
208Fort Wyman Rd
209Forum Dr
210Fox Creek Rd
211Fraternity Cir
212Fraternity Dr
213Frost Dr
214Gale Dr
215Gano Dr
216Gene Dr
217George St
218Germann Ct
219Grandsir Ave
220Granite Dr
221Grant Cir
222Great Oaks
223Great Oaks Dr
224Green Acres Dr
225Greenbriar Dr
226Greentree Rd
227Gregory St
228Gulf Ave
229Halifax Dr
230Hampton Ct
231Harvard Ave
232Harvey Ct
233Harvey Ln
234Hauck Dr
235Hawthorne Rd
236Heller St
237Hess Ave
238Highland Dr
239Highpoint Cir
240Hillcrest Cir
241Hillview Dr
242Holloway St
243Holmes Ln
244Holt Ave
245Homelife Plaza
246Honeysuckle Ln
247Houston Rd
248Howard Johnson Dr
249Huntleigh Dr
250Hutchinson Dr
251Hwy 72
252Hwy O
253Hy Point Industrial Dr
254Hy Point N
255Hyer Ct
256Innsbrook Dr
257International Village Dr
258Interstate 44
259Interstate 44 Business
260Inverness Ln
261Iowa St
262Irene Ln
263Iris Ct
264Ironhorse Dr
265Jackling Ct
266Jackson Cir
267Jade Dr
268Jasper Dr
269Jimmy St
270Johnson St
271Joyce Ave
272Juliene St
273Justin Cir
274Kadison Ct
275Keeney Ct
276Keeton Rd
277Kensington Pkwy
278Kensington Square
279Kent Ln
280King Dr
282Kruse Rd
283Laguille Ct
284Laird Ave
285Lancelot Dr
286Lanning Ln
287Lariat Ln
288Laurel Dr
289Lauren Ct
290Lee Cir
292Leonard Dr
293Leroy St
294Leslie Dr
295Lester Dr
296Lewis Ln
297Liam Ct
298Liberty Dr
299Lincoln Ln
300Line Ave
301Lions Club Dr
302Little Oaks Rd
303Longview Ln
304Lovers Ln
305Malibu Ct
306Mallard Square
307Maple St
308Maplewood Dr
309Mark Twain Dr
310Marlette St
311Marti Dr
312Martin Spring Outer Rd
313Martin Springs Dr
314Martin St
315Maxwell St
316Mc Dowell Ln
317Mccutchen Dr
318Mcfarland Dr
319Meadow Ct
320Meadow Ln
321Meadowbrook Dr
322Megan Ct
323Meriweather Ct
324Meriweather Rd
325Mimosa Ct
326Missouri Ave
327Monterey Ct
328Morrell Ave
329Mossman Ln
330Murry Ln
331N Bishop Ave
332N Cedar St
333N Elm St
334N Faulkner Ave
335N Lakeview Dr
336N Main St
337N Oak St
338N Olive St
339N Outer Dillon Rd
340N Pine St
341N Rolla St
342N Rucker Ave
343N Spilman Ave
344N State St
345N Walker Ave
346N Walnut St
347Nagogami Ct
348Nagogami Rd
349Nagogami Terrace
350Nancy Ln
351Newcastle Ct
352Newcastle Dr
353Newman Rd
354Nippert Dr
355Norwich Dr
356Nottingham Ln
357Oak Forest Dr
358Oak Knoll Rd
359Oak Ln Dr
360Oaktree Ln
361October Pl
362Old English Rd
363Old St James Rd
364Old Wire Outer Rd
365Orchard Dr
366Osage Dr
367Osage Dr & Longview Ln
368Overland Dr
369Oxford Dr
370Ozark St
371Ozark Terrace
372Palmer Ct
373Park Hill Rd
374Park St
375Parker Ct
376Parkwood Ln
377Pauline Ln
378Peachtree Ln
379Pebblestone Ln
380Pecan Grove
381Penny Ln
382Pershing Dr
383Pershing Pl
384Pete Ave
385Pheasant Hill
386Phelps Ave
387Pilgrim Pl
388Pine Forest Dr
389Pine Tree Rd
390Poe Dr
391Point Bluff Rd
392Poole Ave
393Powell Ave
394Pr Dr 7135
395Pr Dr 8243
396Pvt Dr 5012
397Pvt Dr 7143
398Pvt Drive 5187
399Pvt Drive 7007
400Pvt Drive 7106
401Pvt Drive 7116
402Pvt Drive 7134
403Pvt Drive 7136
404Pvt Drive 7137
405Pvt Drive 7139
406Pvt Drive 8032
407Pvt Drive 8038
408Pvt Drive 8114
409Pvt Drive 8154
410Pvt Drive 8243
411Pvt Drive 8245
412Pvt Road 3145
413Ramsey Place Rd
414Reagan Dr
415Redbud Ln
416Redwood Dr
417Regal Pl
418Republic Dr
419Rhodes Ave
420Rich Ln
421Richard Dr
422Ridgecrest Dr
423Ridgeview Ave
424Road 28
425Robyn Leann Dr
426Rolla Gardens Dr
427Rose Ct
428Roseglade Rd
429Royster Rd
430S Bishop Ave
431S Cedar St
432S Elm St
433S Faulkner Ave
434S Main St
435S Murry Ln
436S Oak St
437S Olive St
438S Outer Dillon Rd
439S Pine St
440S Rolla St
441S Rucker Ave
442S Spilman Ave
443S Walker Ave
444S Walnut St
445Salem Ave
446Sally Rd
447San Fernando Ct
448Sandstone Dr
449Santa Fe Trails
450Savannah Ct
451Scenic Dr
452Schrenk Ct
453Scottsvale Dr
454Shady Acres Ct
455Shady Ln
456Sharp Rd
457Sherman Ave
458Sheron St
459Sherwood Dr
460Silverleaf Ln
461Skyline Dr
462Sooter Ln
463Southbrook Dr
464Southview Dr
465Southwind Cir
466Spencer Rd
467Spencer St
468Spring Ave
469St Patricks Ln
470State Highway A
471State Highway Bb
472State Highway C
473State Highway Cc
474State Highway O
475State Hwy E
476State Route Cc
477State Route E
478State Route F
479State Route Hh
480State Route Y
481Steeplechase Rd
482Stephendale Ct
483Stoltz Dr
484Stratford Ln
485Strobach St
486Summit Ave
487Sunshine Dr
488Sycamore Dr
489Sydney Ct
490Tenbrink Dr
491Thomas Dr
492Timber Creek Rd
493Timberlane Ct
494Tipton Ct
495Tory Ave
496Tower Rd
497Tracey Bartle Ave
498Traci Dawn Dr
499Truman Ave
500Turkey Run
501Twitty Dr
502U.s. 63
503Valley View Dr
504Valli-hi Ave
506Viburnum Ln
507Vichy Rd
508Victoria Ln
509Vienna Rd
510Vista Dr
511W 10th St
512W 11th St
513W 12th St
514W 13th St
515W 14th St
516W 15th St
517W 16th St
518W 17th St
519W 18th St
520W 1st St
521W 2nd St
522W 3rd St
523W 4th St
524W 5th St
525W 6th St
526W 7th St
527W 8th St
528W 9th St
529W Lions Club Dr
530W Little Oaks Rd
531Wakefield Dr
532Ware Cir
533Washington Ave
534Waterford Ct
535Watts Dr
536Wellington Dr
538White Columns Dr
539Whitecliff St
540Whitehall Rd
541Whitney Ln
542Whitson Dr
543Wilson Cir
544Winchester Dr
545Woodcrest Cir
546Woodland Dr
547Woodlawn Ct
548Woodlawn Dr
549Yale Ave
550Young St