List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Franklin, Nebraska

#Street Name
110th Ave
211th Ave
312th Ave
413th Ave
514th Ave
615th Ave
716th Ave
817th Ave
918th Ave
1019th Ave
1125 Rd
1226 Rd
1327 1/2 Rd
1427 Rd
1529 Rd
1630 Rd
1731 Rd
1833 Rd
1938 Rd
20631 Blvd
21635 Ave
22636 Ave
23720 Ave
249th Ave
25B Rd
26Briarwood Dr
27C R 37
28Cherry Ln
29Country Club Ln
30County Road 100
31County Road 20
32County Road 21
33County Road 340
34County Road 35
35E Arrow Rd
36E Rd
37F Rd
38Fairway Dr
39G Rd
40 G St
41H Rd
42H St
43Hwy 10
44Hwy 4
45I Rd
46I St
47J Rd
48J St
49K Rd
50K St
51Kirkman's Cove
52Kirkman's Cove Recreation Area
53L St
54M Rd
55M St
56N Rd
57N St
58O Rd
59O St
60Oak Row
61P St
62Park Dr
63Q Rd
64Q St
65R Rd
66Riverbottom Rd
67Road 20
68Road 23
69Road 24
70Road 34
71Road 35
72Road 36
73Road 37
74Road Aa
75Road P
76Road V
77State Spur 30c
78State Spur S-12b
79U.s. 136
80 Walnut Run