List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Amityville, New York

#Street Name
1Adrian Ct
2Albert Rd
3Anita Pl
4Atna Dr
5Austin Ave
6Autumn Ln
7Avenue S
8Avon Pl
9Baltic Pl
10Banbury Ct
11Barberry Ct
12Barry Rd
13Bayside Ave
14Bayside Pl
15Bayview Ave S
16Bayview Pl
17Bedell Pl
18Benburb St
19Bennett Pl
20Bentley Rd
21Beta Dr
22Biel Dr
23Bingham Pl
24Bismark Pl
25Booker Blvd
26Bourdette Pl
27Braham Ave
28Brandon Ave
29Brefni St
30Breslin Way
31Brown Ave
32Bryan Ave
33Burch Ave
34Cahill St
35Campbell St
36Cape Rd
37Carleton Ave
38Carman Pl
39Carman River Rd
40 Carrol St
41Chadwick Ct
42Charleston Dr
43Chestnut Rd
44Chevy Chase
45Coles Ave
46Columba Ave
47Columbus Blvd
48Commerce Blvd
49Corral Dr
50County Road 1
51Curcio Way
52Dante Pl
53Darerka St
54Dawes Ave
55Desoto Rd
56Devine Pl
57Dewey Ave
58Dowsing Pl
59Dubois Ave
60Dunbar St
61E Avon Dr
62E Smith St
63Earl Pl
64East St
65Eastern Concourse
66Edan Ct
67Edison St
68Edison St E
69Elgin Rd
70Elliot Ct
71Elm Pl
72Emerald Ln N
74Ephesus Pl
75Essen Dr
76Etna Ct
77Felix Pl
78Flint Rd
79Floral Dr
80 Folkstone Ln
81Folkstone Rd
82Forrest Pl
83Francesca Way
84Gaylore Dr S
85Genevieve Ct
86George Brown Plaza
87Georgia Rd
88Geraldine Ave
89Gilbert Pl
90Glenmalure St
91Grand Central Ave
92Guilette Pl
93Hamilton St
94Harbor N
95Harbor S
96Hatcher Ct
97Hildreth Ct
98Holt St
99Homestead Ave
100Irving Rd
101James Rd
102Jeatom Ln
103Joseph Ct
104Kenneth Ct
105Kent Pl
106Ketcham Ave
107King Pl
108Larsen Dr
109Leonard Pl
110Lindy Ave
111Lombardi Pl
112Louden Ave
113Lupidia St
114Macdonald Ave
115Mader Pl
116Marilyn Ave
117Marion Rd
118Mill St
119Mincher Pl
120Mole Pl
121Moore St
122Moreland Ct
123Musette Pl
124N Somerset Rd
125N Spruce Ln
126Nathalie Ave
127New Point Pl
128Noelle Ct
129Norma Pl
130Norman Ave
131Offaly St
132Oldfield Ave
133Overland Ave
134Parkway Ave
135Parthey Ln
136Perkins Ave
137Poplar Rd
138Purdy Ln
139Ranick Dr E
140Ranick Dr S
141Reed Pl
142Richmond Ave
143Riverleigh Pl
144Riverside St
145Rochelle Ct
146Rodney Pl
147Ronald Dr E
148Ronald Dr N
149Rosewood Ave
150S Bay Rd
151S Bayview Ave
152S Ireland Pl
153S Ketcham Ave
154S Park Pl
155S Ronald Dr
156Salt Box Path
157Sarah Ct
158Seabro Ave
159Smith Pl
160Sprague Ave
161Spruce Rd
162St John St
163Steele Pl
164Sterling Pl
165Summer Ln
166Sunrise Loop
167Sunshine Ln
168Swartwout Pl
169Sylvia Ct
170Terry Ave
171The Blvd
172Towne St
173Turner Pl
174Tyrconnell St
175Unqua Pl
176Van Nostrand Pl
177Virginia Ct
178W Gaylore Dr
179W Jefferson St
180W Oak St
181W Ranick Dr
182W Smith St
183Wanser Pl
184Watkins Terrace
185Weatherly Pl
186Wellington Pl
187Western Concourse
188Whitney Dr
189Williams Ave