List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Babylon, New York

#Street Name
127th St
229th St
331st St
432nd St
533rd St
634th St
735th St
83rd St
941st St
1042nd St
1143rd St
1244th St
1345th St
1446th St
154th St
16Akron St
17Albin Ave
18Alexander St
19Allen Blvd
20Alton Rd
21Annuskemunnica Rd
22Araca Ct
23Araca Rd
24Argyle Ave
25Argyle Square
26Babylon Northport Expy
27Bacon Ln
28Bangor St
29Beachwood Dr
30Bedell St
31Belton Ct
32Belton Rd
33Bethpage Rd
34Beverly Rd
36Brown Blvd
37Bulger St
38Cadman Ave
39Caledonia Ave
40 Cameron Ave
41Carll Ave
42Carlls Path
43Carlston Pl
44Catskill Ave
45Cedar Ln
46Cockonoe Ave
47Colt Ave
48Cooper St
49Coppertree Ln
50Cormack Ct
51Cottage Row
52County Road 12
53County Road 28
54Crown St
55Deeringwood Ln
56Depot Pl
57Dixon Ave
58Dorset Ln
59Douglas Ave
60Duke St
61Dundee Ave
62E Gate St
63E Montauk Hwy
64E Somerset Rd
65Earl St
66Ellen Ave
67Ernest Pl
68Ewell St
69Feustal St
70Fire Island Ave
71Fire Island Ave S
72Foster Ln
73Frederick Ave
74Friendly Ct
75Gamecock Ln
76Graham Pl
77Grant Ave E
78Grant Ave W
79Great Neck Rd
80 Greenway St S
81Greenweadow Dr
82Grove Pl
83Gwynn St
84Haab Ave
85Harrison Ave E
86Herzel Blvd
87Hewlett Ct
88Hiawatha Rd
89Hicks St
90Hidden Harbor Dr
91Highland Pl
92Jackson Ave E
93Jackson Ave W
94Johnson Ct
95Kathryn Ct
96Kensington Rd
97Ketewamoke Ave
98Kingsland Pl
99Kittiwake Ln
100Levant Ave
101Lewis Cir
102Lido Promenade E
103Litchfield Ave
104Little East Neck Rd S
105Livingston Ave
106Lowerre St
107Lucinda Dr
108Mansfield Rd
109Marlborough Rd
110Mason Ave
111Mayhew Ave
112Mc Cue Ln
113Melbury Rd
114Merman Pl
115Milton Rd
116Montrose Ave
117Morrison St
118Mortimer Ave
119Mt Ave
120N 18th St
121N Carll Ave
122N Park Cir
123N Railroad Ave
124N Wellwood Ave
125Nehring Ave
126Neried Pl
127Oak Beach Rd
128Ocean State Pkwy
129Ocean Walk
130Old New Hwy
131Overton Pl
132Pamequa Rd
133Park Ave
134Pearsall Pl
135Pearsall St
136Peninsula Dr
137Perridale Ct
138Pershing Ave
139Petrelli Ln
140Pilcher St
141Pond Pl
142Post Pl
143Prospect St
144Raeburn Ct
145Reid Ave
146Robbins Ave
147Rome St
148Ross Rd
149S 18th St
150S Bay Dr
151S Carll Ave
152S Strong Ave
153Salt Meadow Rd
154Schleigel Blvd
155Siegel Blvd
156Simon St
157Southard Ln
158Stowe Ave
159Strong Ave
160Stuart Ave
161Sumpwams Ave
162Sumpwams Pl
163Surdi Pl
164Suydam Pl
165Tameling Ave
166Tappan Ave
167The Crescent
168Tompkins Ave
169Totten Pl
170Trask Ln
171Trolley Line Rd
172Village Line Rd
173Village Oaks Ln
174Virginia Rd
175W Hoffman Ave
176Wampum Rd
177Waterman Ct
178Waterman St
179Waters Edge Ct
180Whalers Cove
181Whalers Cove Dr
182Wigwam Path
183Wilson Dr
184Wood Pl
185Woodrow Pkwy
186Woodsome Rd
187Wyandanch Ave
188Yacht Club Rd