List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Baldwin, New York

#Street Name
1Adele Ave
2Adele Pl
3Allen Ct
4Allen Pl
5Alpine St
6Ambrose Ct
7Ambrose Pl
8Anita Ct
9Anna Pl
10Archer Pl
11Ardmore Rd
12Arndt Pl
13B Little Rd
14Baldwin Ave
15Barnes Ave
16Barth Dr
17Belcher St
18Benedict Pl
19Berkeley Ave
20Beulah Ct
21Beverly St
22Bixby Dr
23Blenheim Rd
24Bonaparte Pl
25Brook Ct
26Brookwold Ave
27Brookwold Ct
28Browning St
29Bryant Pl
30Campus Pl
31Carey Ln
32Carleton Pl
33Casterline Rd
34Centennial Ave
35Circle Dr E
36Circle Dr W
37Clifton St
38Clyde Rd
39Coes Neck Rd
40 Colonial Pl
41Coronet Dr
42County Road 44
43Coventry Rd
44Cramer Ct
45Dahlia Ave
46Darling St
47Dean Dr
48Devonshire Rd
49Donna Ct
50E Carl Ave
51E Stanton Ave
52E Wood Rd
53Eastern Blvd
54Edna Ct
55Elice Pl
56Elston Hollow Rd
57Enid Ct
58Eva Ct
59Everett Ct
60Fargo St
61Felix Ct
62Fenimore Pl
63Fenway N
64Field Pl
65Fox Rd
66Foxhurst Ave
67Francis Ave
68Gale Ave
69Glover Pl
70Grand Terrace Ave
71Grimm Pl
72Guenther Ct
73Haig St
74Hammond Rd
75Harbor Cir
76Harbor Point Rd
77Harrison Ave
78Harte St
79Harvard Pl
80 Harvey Ct
81Hawkins Ave
82Hicks Pl
83High School Dr
84Highland St
85Homan Pl
86Hugg Rd
87Inn Ct
88Jayne Pl
89Joe Green Rd
90John Ct
91Joy Blvd
92Kenneth Ave
93Kings Pkwy
94Koelbel Ct
95Lakeside Pl
96Lancaster Ave
97Lathrope Rd
98Linkwood Dr
99Little Rd
100Longfellow St
101Lorenz Ave
102Lynne St
103Macdonald Dr
104Maple Grove Ct
105Maplewood Ct
106Marie Ave
107Marion Pl
108Matheron Ave
109Mathews Rd
110Mattison St
111Mayfair Rd
112Mckenna Ave
113Mckinley St
114Mervin Ct
115N William St
116N Wood Rd
117Nassau Rd
118Nelson Ave
119Nixon Rd
120Norton Dr
121Notre Dame Ct
122Oak Hill Rd
123Oakmere Dr
124Olin Rd
125Overlook Pl
126Parkview Pl
127Paul St
128Perry Ln
129Porter Hill Rd E
130Portland Ave
132Remmert Pl
133Reniff Rd
134Robert Pl
135Rockville Dr
136Rockwin Rd
137Rockwood Ave
138Ronald Ct
139S Pershing Blvd
140S Spruce Ct
141S Wood Rd
142Schoen St
143School Dr
144Schuman Ave
145Schuman Pl
146Scott Pl
147Seaman Ave E
148Short Pl
149Shubert St
150Silver Lake Pl
151Southard St
152Sprague St
153Spruce Ct
154St Lukes Pl
155St Pauls St
156Stanton Ave
157Steele Blvd
158Stowe Ave
159Sylvia Ave
160Talmadge Dr
161Tanwood Dr
162Teehan Ln
163Temple Ct
164Themar Ct
165Thomas Ave
166Tuthill Dr
167Tuthill Ridge Rd
168Twain St
169Twin Fawn Estates
170Verity Ln
171Victoria St
172Village Ct
173Voshage St
174W Carl Ave
175Waddell St
176Wadsworth Pl
177Wales Ave
178Wallace Ave
179Wateredge Ave
180Waverly Pl
181Westbrook Ln
182Westervelt Ave
183Wilbur Ln
184Wilddale Rd
185Willow Park Ct
186Willowbend Ln
187Wood Park Dr
188Woodland Estates Dr
189Woodside Ave