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List of Street Names with maps in Caledonia, New York

#Street Name
11st Ln
23rd Ln
3Alpine Ln
4Armstrong Pl
5Avon Caledonia Rd
6Avrill Rd
7Barks Rd
8Beechwood Dr
9Birch Ln
10Black Street Rd
11Borst Cottage Ln
12Brook Rd
13Brown Rd
14Caledonia Avon Rd
15Caledonia-leroy Rd
16Cameron Pl
17Cameron Rd
18Casey Rd
19Clover St
20Cooney Rd
21Country Club Dr
22County Road 21
23County Road 53
24County Road 61
25County Road 63
26County Road 67
27County Road 73
28Crescent Pkwy
29Daley Rd
30De Noon Rd
31East Ave
32Ellen Pl
33Fairview Pl
34Feely Rd
35Fletchers Ln
36Gas Light Ln
37Grand Ave
38Grand Cir
39Graney Rd
40 Hambro Park
41Handsome Lake Dr
42Hardwood Ave
43Idas Ln
44Inverness Ln
45Iroquois Rd
46James Doyle Dr
47Jane St
48Jay Ln
49Jennifer Ln
50Jersey St
51Keenan Pl
52Lacey Rd
53Lehigh St
54Leicester Rd
55Leicester St
56Lowery Rd
57Macintyre Rd
58Maiden Ln
59Maier Ln
60Mar-shell Ln
61Maxwell Rd
62Maxwell Station Rd
63Mccorkindale Rd
64Mcewen Rd
65Mcewen Rd
66Mcgovern Rd
67Mcintyre Rd
68Mckenzie Pl
69Mckenzie Rd
70Mcpherson Rd
71Mcvean Rd
72Middle Rd
73Morrow Ln
74N Meadow Dr
75Neale Rd
76North St
77Paddy Ln
78Pamela Way
79Park Pl
80 Philmore Ave
81Quarry Rd
82Sand Hill Rd
83Simpson Rd
84Skelly Rd
85South Dr
86Stanton Pkwy
87State St
88Stones Ln
89Stoney Oak Cir
90Technology Pl
91W River Rd
92Wadsworth Rd
93Weitzel Ln
94Wheatland Center Rd
95Woodbine Cir