List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Canastota, New York

#Street Name
1Alene Corners Rd
2Anderson St
3Arthur Jenkins Rd
4Ball Ave
5Ball St
6Barley Rd
7Barlow St
8Bass Bar Rd
9Bauer Rd
10Beebe Bridge Rd
11Belleview Dr
12Black Point Rd
13Blakeslee Cir
14Bridge Rd
15Briggs Bay Rd
16Bruce Rd
17Bruno Rd
18Buck St
19Camp Rd
20Carlynne Dr
21Caroline St
22Catanya Dr
23Catherine St
24Cayuga Ave
25Cemetery Dr
26Centner Rd N
27Chapman Pl
28Charles Ave
29Churchill Ln
30Circle Dr E
31Circle Dr N
32Circle Dr S
33Circle Dr W
34Clark Cir
35Clark Rd
36Cleveland Pl
37Clock Rd
38Clockville Rd
39Colgrove Rd
40 Colleens Way
41Colton Rd
42Commerce St
43Commercial Dr
44Coon Rd
45Cottage Dr
46Coulter Cove Rd
47County Highway 11
48County Highway 20
49County Highway 27
50County Highway 5
51County Highway 7
52Crandall Rd
53Delano St
54Deppoliti Ave
55Devine Heights
56Diamond St
57Dominic Bruno Blvd
58Douglas Heights Dr
59E Center St
60E Chapel St
61E Grago Blvd
62E Hickory St
63E Milestrip Rd
64E North Canal St
65E Seneca Ave
66Eddy Rd
67Elia Cir
68Farr Rd
69Forbes Rd
70Francis St
71Furnace Hill Rd
72Galavotti Pl
73Gee Rd
74Getmac Ave
75Gossamer Ln
76Grago Blvd
77Hadyk Ln
78Hamlin Ave
79Hardwood Island Rd
80 Harp Rd
81Harsh Rd
82Hazel Ave
83Hertel Rd
84High St
85Hill Crest Ln
86Hoch Trail
87Howard St
88Hwy 5
89Ingalls Corners Rd
90James St
91Jaquin Rd
92Jefferson Ave
93Jennings Rd
94Joe Stagnit Ln
95John Peet Rd
96Joseph Stag
97Kay Cir
98Kennedy Ln
99Kimberlee Dr
100Kincaid St
101Klock Rd
102Knolls Ave E
103Knolls Ave N
104Kohles Ln
105Kyser Beach Rd
106Lafayette Ave
107Lake Rd
108Lamb Ave
109Larkin Ave
110Leland G Wright Ave
111Lewis Point Rd
112Lewis St
113Lumber St
114Macarthur Pl
115Marguerite Dr
116Mary Lynn Dr
117Mary St
118Mcphearson St
119Messenger Bay Rd
120Middle Dr
121Monroe Ave
122Mt Pleasant Dr
123N Main Street Rd
124N Peterboro St
125Nelson Pl E
126Nelson Pl W
127Neptune Dr
128New Boston St
129New Yorker Ave
130Nichols Pond Rd
131Ohara Ave
132Old County Rd
133Old County Rd W
134Old Indian Opening Rd
135Old Orchard Rd
136Onondaga Ave
137Oswego Ave
138Palamara Ave
139Palmer Rd
140Patane Dr
141Pavone Pl
142Perretta Dr
143Pickard Rd
144Pine Ridge Rd
145Pleasant St
146Port St
147Rapasadi Dr
148Rasbach St
149Ravine St
150Ray Rd
151Richard Ln
152Roberts St
153Rogers Rd
154Ronald Dr
155Roosevelt Ave
156Rosewood Cir
157Roslyn Dr
158Ryan Dr
159S Canal St
160S Court St
161S Park St
162S Peterboro St
163Sandy Ln
164Scenic Ave
165School Dr
166Seeber Rd
167Seneca Ave
168Seneca Turnpike
169Sgarlata Pl
170Snell Rd
171Snyder Rd
172Souter St
173Spencer St
174Stephens Rd
175Stroud St
176Strutz Rd
177Sutherland Dr
178Syracuse Herald Ave
179Tagliente St
180Technology Blvd
181The Terrace
182Timmerman Rd
183Tioughanack Rd
184Tuttle Ave
185Tuttle Rd
186Verna Dr
187W Chapel St
188W Hickory St
189W Mile Strip Rd
190W Park Ave
191W Rasbach St
192Walnut Point Rd
193Warner Heights Rd
194Warners Rd
195Waterbury Rd
196Watson Rd
197Wedgewood Ln
198Weller Terrace
199Weller Trak
200Wemple Ln
201West Ave
202White Haven Rd
203Whitelaw Rd
204Whitelaw Rd W
205Whitman Rd
206Will New Blvd
207William S New Blvd
208Willow Pl
209Wilson Ave
210Wilson Cove Rd
211Wilson Point Rd
212Wise Rd
213Wood House Rd
214Yorton Rd