List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Centerport, New York

#Street Name
1Bankside Dr N
2Beach Plum Dr
3Benham Ct
4Bittersweet Ct
5Buchanan St
6Bull Calf Ln
7Centershore Rd
8Centershore Rd S
9Coolidge Dr
10Country Lake Ct
11Courtyard Cir
12Crescent Ct
13Crooked Cottage Ct
14Crossman Rd
15Daphne Ln
16E Shawnee St
17Eagle Rock Hill Rd
18Fillmore St
19Gerrymander Dr
20Gina Dr
21Glenn Crescent
22Greenhaven Way
23Harbor Cir
24Harbor Heights Dr
25Harbor Park Ct
26Harbor Park Dr
27Harbor Ridge Dr
28Harding Ct
29Harned Dr
30Harrison Dr
31Haven Ct
32Hawthorne Ct
33Hayes Pl
34Hollise Ct
35Hoover Pl
36Huntington-northport St
37Idle Day Dr
38Idle Day Knoll
39Iroquois Ave
40 Jackson Crescent
41Johnson St
42Judy Ct
43Keith Ct
44Little Bull Ct
45Little Neck Rd
46Lone Oak Ct
47Lone Oak Dr
48Mallard Cove
49Marcia Ct
50Mariners Ct
51Mayflower Ct
52Midwood Dr
53Mill Dam Ct
54Mohawk St
55Morahapa Ln
56Morahapa Rd
57N Bittner Ln
58Northport Rd
59Oakdale Dr
60Oakdale Rd
61Oldsandy Hollow Rd
62Oneonta Ct
63Ottawa Ave
64Overbrook Dr
65Paul Revere Ln
66Pebble Beach Rd
67Pierce St
68Prospect Ct
69Prospect Rd
70Pueblo Ave
71Quay Ct
72Sea Spray Dr
73Shawnee St
74Sherry Ct
75Sills Ct
76Taft Crescent
77Truman Pl
78Tuscarora Dr
79Upper Ln
80 Upper Pond Ct
81Van Buren Dr
82Wainer Ct
83Washington Dr
85Westerly Ct
86Westfield Dr