List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Clarence, New York

#Street Name
1Alexander Dr
2Amy Leigh
3Appleton Ct
4Ashford Ct
5Autumn Trail
6Avon Lea
7Avonside Ct
8Bank St
9Belle Way
10Bent Brook Ct
11Bergtold Rd
12Bickert Dr
13Black Walnut Ct
14Black Walnut Dr
15Blossom Ct
16Bodine Rd
17Boyd Dr
18Bradford Ct
19Bridlewood Dr
20Bridlewood Dr S
21Brookfield Ln
22Brookhaven Dr
23Budd Ave
24Buttercup Dr
25Casillio Pkwy
26Cederstone Ledge
27Centre Ln
28Chesley Ct
29Clarence Ln Ct
30Clarence Ln N
31Clarence Rd
32Clarherst Dr
33Clarnew Dr
34Cliffside Dr
35Cliffside Dr E
36Cliffside Dr W
37Cloverleaf Cir
38Cloverleaf Dr
39Conner Rd
40 County Rd
41County Road 217
42County Road 24
43County Road 247
44County Road 282a
45County Road 285
46County Road 286
47County Road 560
48Creekhaven Dr
49Crosswinds Ct
50Cummings Dr
51Donnington Rd
52Douglas Ave
53Elmcroft Ct
54Erie County Hwy
55Everwood Ct N
56Everwood Ct S
57Faber Ln
58Fairbrook Ct
59Fairways Cir
60Feltham Ct
61Field Brook Dr
62Floss Ln
63Forest Creek Dr
64Gaskin Rd
65Golden Rod Ct
66Goodrich Rd
67Gott Creek Trail
68Grantham Ct
69Green Valley Dr
70Greenway Ct
71Greiner Rd
72Grey Stone Ct
73Hearthstone Dr
74Hidden Oaks Dr
75Hidden Valley Ct
76Highgrove Park
77Highland Farms Dr
78Highview Ct
79Hillview Dr
80 Hollingson Rd
81Homestead Ln
82Hunt Club Ln
83Hunting Valley Rd
84Hunting Valley Rd N
85Hunting Valley Rd S
86Hurlburt Ln
87Keystone Ct
88Kingsthorpe Terrace
89Kippen Dr
90Kraus Rd
91Lakemont Ct
92Lakemont Dr
93Lakestone Ct
94Lakewood Ct
95Lapp Rd
96Laurel Park Ln
97Lexington Ct
98Lexor Ln
99Limehouse Dr
100Lisa Ln
101Lorne Ct
102Manchester Park Dr
103Manor Wood
104Margaret Dr
105Marriet Ct
106Maureen Ave
107Maureen Ave W
108Meadow Creek Ct
109Meadow Rose Ct
110Meadowlakes Dr
111Megan Rose Way
112Melinda Dr
113Miles Rd
114Mill Stone Ct
115Millcreek Dr
116Milton Ln
117Morningwood Dr
118N Hill View Dr
119N Melinda Dr
120Newhouse Rd
121Oak Ln
122Oakwood Ln
123Old Post Cir
124Old Post Rd E
125Old Post Rd W
126Orchid Ledge Rd
127Paddock View Dr
128Parkledge Ct
129Parliament Cir
130Pepperwood Ln
131Pin Cherry Ct
132Pine Manor
133Pineledge Dr
134Pineledge Dr E
135Pineledge Dr N
136Pineledge Dr S
137Pineledge Dr W
138Poplar Ct
139Poplar Hill Ln
140Prince William Ct
141Quarry Ln
142Quincy Ct
143Ranch View Dr
144Redwick Dr
145Research Pkwy
146Rock Oak Pkwy
147Rockhaven Dr
148Rockland Ave
149Rocky Point
150Roseville Ct
151Roseville Ln
152Rosewood Ln
153Royal Ascot Cir
154Royal Oak Dr
155Rustic Wood Ct
156S Cliffside Dr
157Salt St
158Sawmill Rd
159Schurr Rd
160Scottsdale Rd
161Selby Ct
162Senate Cir
163Shadow Rock Ln
164Shadyside Dr
165Shale Bluff Ct
166Shamrock Ln
167Shimerville Rd
168Smiley Terrace
169Spaulding Dr
170Springbrook Ct
171Stahley Rd
172State Highway 286
173Stone Crossing Dr
174Stonecliff Ct
176Strickler Rd
177Sunflower Ct
178Ter Green
179The Fairways
180The Maples
181The Meadows N
182The Meadows S
183The Pines
184Thistle Ct
185Tillman Rd
186Town Pl
187Turnstone Dr
188Tuscany Ln
189Valley Stream Rd
190W Point Dr
191Walnut Creek Ct
192Walnut Creek Dr
193Walnut Creek Ln
194Wayside Ln
195Wellesley Common
196Westerwald Ln
197Westminster Dr
198Westphalinger Rd
199White Acres Rd
200Whitegate Crossing
201Whitwick Terrace
202Willow Lake Ct
203Willow Lake Dr
204Willow Run Ct
205Willowbrook Dr
206Willowbrook Dr W
207Winding Ln
208Wolcott Rd
209Woodberry Ct
210Woodbridge Ln
211Woodland Ct
212Xavier Rd
213Yorktown Cir