List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Cold Spring, New York

#Street Name
1Academy St
2Adams Ave
3Allen Ln
4Alpine Rd
5Appaloosa Way
6Armando Rd
7Ashley Ln
8B St
9Babbling Brook Ln
10Bank St
11Barrett Pond Rd
12Beale Rd
13Bechelli Rd
14Benedict Rd
15Billys Way
16Budney Rise
17Carlson Ct
18Carol Ln
19Cedar St
20Cherry St
21Chestnut St
22Clove Brook Dr
23Constitution Dr
24Corey Ln
25County Road 10
26Craigside Dr
27Crest Rd
28Cross Creek Rd
29Cross St
30Deer Hollow Rd
31Deer Run Rd
32Deerhill Rd
33Deerland Acres
34Depot Square
35Division St
36Douglas Ln
37Downey Ln
38Dry Pond Rd
39E Belvedere St
40 E Mountain Rd N
41Eagles Nest
42Eagles Way
43Eden Park Rd
44Egan Rd
45Esselborne Rd
46Ethel's Ln
47Faust Ct
48Fenchel Rd
49Fenichel Rd
50Fieldstone Ridge
51Fish St
52Fishkill Ave
53Follis Dr
54Foreman Rd
55Forge Gate Dr
56Foundry Pond Rd
57Fox Rd
58Furnace St
59Garden St
60Gate House Rd
61Ginger Pl
62Grandview Terrace
63Grey Rock Rd
64Grove Ct
65Haldane St
66Half Moon Ridge
67Hamilton St
68Healy Rd
69High Rd
70High St
71Highland Rd
72Hiram Rd
73Horton Ct
74Horton Rd
75Hustis Rd
76Hy Vue Terrace
77Inverugie Ln
78Jaycox Rd
79Jo Ann Pl
80 Kemble Ave
81Knollwood Ln
82La Shinju
83Lady Blue Devils Ln
84Lane Gate Heights
85Lane Gate Rd
86Locust Ridge
87Locust St
88Lookout Dr
89Lunn Terrace
90Luzmira Ln
91Lyons Rd
92Maple Terrace
93Marion Ave
94Market St
95Mill Rd
96Moffat Rd
97Morris Ave
98Mountain Ave
99Mountainview Dr
100Mystic Ln
101New St
102Nichols Ln
103North St
104Northern Ave
105Northern Gate
106Oak Hill Dr
107Old Albany Post Rd N
108Old Oaks Rd
109Old Postal Rd
110Orchard Ln
111Orchard St
112Parrott St
113Parsonage St
114Paulding Ave
115Pearl St
116Peekskill Rd
117Peekskill Rd
118Perks Blvd
119Pine St
120Pond Rd
121Porcelli Ln
122Quail Run
123Ridgewood Rd
124River Rd
125Rock St
126Rockwald Rd
127Rocky Brook Rd
128Rocky Rd
129Roessel Rd
130Round Hill Rd
131Scanga Ln
132Shad Roe
133Short St
134Skyline Dr
135Spring St
136Stagecoach Rd
137Stephanie Ln
138Stone Hill Rd
139Stone St
140The Blvd
141Torchia Rd
142Trout Brook Rd
144Valley View Dr
145Victoria Dr
146W Bank St
147W Belvedere St
148Wall St
149Walmer Ln
150Wendalls Way
151Whitehill Pl
152Windy Ridge
153Wood Ave
154Woods Rd