List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Colesville, New York

#Street Name
1Allen Rd
2Altiture Hill Rd
3Babcock Rd
4Bag Factory Rd
5Bates Rd
6Beech Ridge Rd
7Belden Manor
8Bettsburgh Rd
9Brotzman Rd
10Buman Rd
11Burgess Pl
12Cafferty Rd
13Centervillage Loop Rd
14Centerville Loop Rd
15Chaffee St
16Clendenning Rd
17Cole Park Rd
18Country Pl
19County Road 229
20County Road 5
21County Road 541
22County Road 68
23Craver Rd
24Cumber Rd
25Davey Rd
26Deer Run
27Deere Dr
28Dilly Rd
29Doolittle Rd
30Dudley Dr
31Dug Rd
32Dyer Flat Rd
33Flynn Rd
34Friendship Ln
35Gehr Rd
36Gilg Pl
37Golden Ln
38Hakes Cross Rd
39Harper Rd
40 Harpur Hill Rd
41Hickox Rd
42Hickox Rd
43Hillary Dr
44Hurd Rd
45Hurlburt Rd
46Hwy 235
47Irvin Rd
48Jefferson Pl
49King Rd
50Lake Rd
51Lapland Rd
52Light Rd
53Lippa Rd
54Livingston Rd
55Lyon Cir
56Lyon Creek
58Maple Row Rd
59Maple St
60Martin Hill Rd
61Marvin Pl
62Matthew Ln
63Mccoy Rd
64Mendenhall Rd
65Mills Rd
66Nabinger Hill Rd
67Nineveh Bridge
68Noyes Dr
69Old Bridge St
70Old Route 7
71Old Welton St
72Olin Rd
73Paddleford Rd
74Paddleford Rd
75Palmer Rd
76Park Rd
77Parkview Dr
78Penny Hollow Rd
79Perch Pond Rd
80 Pine Pl
81Pratt Rd
82Racoon Path
83Riverview Pl
84Rolling Acres Dr
85Roosevelt Pl
86Rowe Rd
87Rubbers Flat Rd
88Sabin Dr
89Sanitaria Springs Rd
90Shamrock Pl
91Silverstein Rd
92Simpson Rd
93Skellett Rd
94Snow Rd
95Sova Rd
96Spear Rd
97Springsteen Hollow Rd
98Still Rd
99Tannery Rd
100Terry Rd
101Thorn Hill Rd
102Thorn Rd
103Tobey Rd
104Villecco Rd
105Washington Pl
106Watrous Rd
107Welton St
108White Rd
109Winding Way