List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Colonie, New York

#Street Name
130th St
2Addison St
3Airport Ln
4Alandale Ave
5Albert Ct
6Andre Ct
7Appletree Ln
8Arthur Rd
9Ash Tree Ln
10Autopark Dr
11Autran Ave
12Balbo Dr
13Ballards Mobile Home Ct
14Beck St
15Belmar Pkwy S
16Beryl Way
17Billys Way
18Birchwood Ln
19Bonner Ave
20Bradt Ln
21British American Blvd
22Brooke Cir
23Bunker Ln
24Cambridge Dr
25Cass Ave
26Cedarwood Dr
27Central Court Tr Park
28Century Hill Dr
29Champagne Ct
30Cole Pl
31Columbia St Exd
32Cord Dr
33Cottonwood Pl
34Cottonwood Pl S
35Country Club Ln
36County Road 160
37Coyote Dr
38Creekside Ln
39Crescent Rd
40 Creshaw Ct
41Crommakill Dr
42Dalamar Ct
43Dan Dr
44Debbie Marie Dr
45Delafield Dr
46Delatour Rd
47Doorstone Dr
48Du Cerf Ln
49Dunsbach Ferry Rd
50E Ford Ave
51E Newton Rd
52Eberle Rd
53Edith Pl
54Elks Ln
55Erin St
56Ferris Rd
57Fiddlers Ln
58Field Dr
59Ford Ave
60Fount Dr
61Francis Dr - Siena College
62Friars Dr - Siena College
63Gabriel Way
64Glade Dr
65Glendale Rd & Hillcrest Rd
66Green Mountain Dr
67Greenlane Ct
68Guphill Ln
69Haswell Rd
70Hilmor Rd
71Hollow Rd
72Huntsman Way
73Jeanne Jugan Ln
74Jo Ann Ct
75Johnson Rd
76Kentucky Dr
77Kenwood Ct
78Knadler Terrace
79Kunker Ave
80 Lansing Rd S
81Lillian Ave
82Linda Ln
83Lotta Ln
84Louise Dr
85Lucia Ln
86Macarthur Rd
87Mallard Ln
88Maloy Cir
89Marc Pl
90Maxwell Rd
91Mayberry Dr
92Meadowbrook Rd
93Menu Pl
94Metroplex Pkwy
95Meuse St
96Middlefield Dr
97Mockingbird Hill
98Mockingbird Hill Rd
99Morocco Ln
100Morrison Ln
101N Wade Rd
102Newton Rd
103Oathout Ln
104Old Loudon Rd
105Oreshan Ct
106Oriole Pl
107Overland Ave
108Palin Ct
109Parsalin Ct
110Partridge Ln
111Pepsi Cola Dr
112Pershing Dr
113Pine Stump Rd
114Pinegrove Ave
115Pintail Dr
116Pollock Rd
117Ray St
118Richie Rd
119Roberts Ln
120Ronald Dr
121Rose Garden Ct
122Ruhtz Ave
123S Amherst St
124S Cottonwood Pl
125Saratoga Ct
126Schuyler Meadows Club Rd
127Service Rd
128Shambrook Pkwy
129Shannon Ln
130Shereen Ln
131Silverside Ln
132Soren Pl
133Spruce Ln
134St Ambrose Ln
135St Michaels Terrace
136Steve Ln
137Surrey Hill Dr
138Swatling Rd
139Taber Ct
140Tally Ho Dr
141Tamarack Ln
142Tanin Pl
143Tempest Dr
144Terminal Dr
145The Cardvsel
146Thoroughbred Ln
147Tokay Ln
148Tulip Tree Ln
149Vallenwood Dr
150Valley Wood Dr
151Valleywood Dr
152Vandenburg Ln
153Verner Rd
154Village Park Dr
155Vitucci Dr
156Wallace Ct
157Waterford Ave E
158Wayfield Ln
159West Ln
160Whitestone Rd
161Wildwood Rd
162Willow Spring Dr
163Winston Pl
164Woodbine Ct