List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Coxsackie, New York

#Street Name
14 Mile Point Rd
2Adams Rd
3Albright Rd
4All Peat Beds Rd
5Anita Rd
6Apple Blossom Ln
7Ash Ct
8Bailey St
9Barrus Rd
10Bassin Rd
11Beaumont Rd
12Beechwood Dr
13Bergraff Rd
14Bethany Village
15Betke Blvd
16Bill Matter Rd
17Bill Matter Square
18Birch Ct
19Bronck Mill Rd
20Bronk Lake Rd
21Campsite Rd
22Cato St
23Catskill Ct
24Cedar Ct
25Country Meadow Ln
26County Highway 42
27County Highway 45
28County Road 45
29Curdt Prusky Rd
30Dalland Dr
31Damsel Ct
32Dunkenberg Rd
33Dusty Ct
34Eagle Nest Rd
35Ely St
36Fallen Tree Ln
37Feit Rd
38Finch Rd
39Flint Mine Rd
40 Fountain Flats Rd
41Freleigh Pl
42Frelek H Pl Exd
43Glow Ct
44Gray Vapors Ct
45Green Rd
46Greene Bedell Rd
47Greene Lake Rd
48Hamilton St
49Haunted Ln
50Hauted Cir
51Hill High Loop Rd
52Hillcrest St
53Hinrichsen Heights Rd
54Hoag Pl
55Hollister St
56Homestead Dr
57Howard Dr
58Ichobod Crane Cir
59Industrial Park Way
60Jingle Bell Ln
61Johnny Cake Ln
62Jordan Rd
63Knickerbocker St
64Kurdt Prusky Rd
65Lafayette Ave
66Law Rd
67Lawrence Ave
68Lee Terrace
69Levett Rd
70Limestreet Rd
71Lo See Rd
72Lovecky Rd
73Luke Rd
74Luke St
75Major Ct
76Mansion St
77Mansion St Exd
78Mark Rd
79Maroarace Ln
80 Marrone Center
81Marrone Ct
82Matthew Ln
83Meadow Ridge Ln
84Meier Rd
85Menzies Rd
86Milas Rd
87Minnerly Rd
88Misraci Rd
89Molly White Dr
90Mountain Rd
91Murders Kill Rd
92Mystery Ct
93New St
94Noble St
95Noble St Exd
96Old Baltus Ct
97Old Plank Rd
98Peat Beds Rd
99Peppertree Dr
100Peter Bronk Rd
101Pfeffer Rd
102Pheasant Ln
103Plank Rd
104Pollack Rd
105Potic Creek Rd
106Prospect St
107Randy Rd
108Raymond St
109Reed St
110Riverside Ave
111Riverview Ct
112Rock Hill Rd
113Rosebud Ln
114S Entrance Rd
115S Honey Hollow Rd
116S River St
117Saco Mill Rd
118Salisbury Rd
119School Pass
120School St
121Sleepy Ct
122Smith Pl
123Snow Ln
124Speech Owl Ct
125Spencer Blvd
126Stacy Rd
127Stippa Rd
128Stout Keg Ct
129Sugar Loaf Rd
130Sunset Blvd
131Sutton Pl
132Swartout Rd
133Tappan Zee Ct
134Terrace Ln
135Terry Ln
136The Ln
137Titus Mill Rd
138Tree Toad Ct
139Undercliff Rd
140Upland Ct
141Van Burnt Dr
142Van Dyck St
143Van Houten Dr
144Van Houton Dr
145Van Rifer Rd
146Van Ripper Rd
147Vandenburgh Rd
148Veeder Rd
149Warner Rd
150Warren Ave
151Wayne Dr
152Webber Rd
153Whitbeck St
154Wiley Swamp