List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Davenport, New York

#Street Name
1Alcott Ln
2Amadon Rd
3Anadon Rd
4Auto Ln
5Beaver Spring Ln
6Beaver Spring Rd
7Beaver Spring Spur
8Becker Rd
9Bill Craig Rd
10Brick House Hill Rd
11Buck Rd
12Buck Spur
13Butts Corners-otsego County Line Rd
14Canterbury Wood Rd
15Carlton Ln
16Chucon Rd
17Constellation Blvd
18County Road 11
19County Road 9
20Dehning Rd
21Dehning Spur
22Diddish Hill Rd
23Dona Brook Rd
24Dream St
25Dutch Hill Rd
26Evergreen Ln
27Forest Dr
28Garvey Rd
29Goble Dr
30Gordon St
31Grange Hall Road Spur
32Green Acre Dr
33Henry Cove Rd
34High Point Rd
35High Point Road Spur
36Hillcrest Ln
37Hillis Ln
38Hoagland Rd
39Jamesway Rd
40 Lew Ln
41Macdouglas Rd
42Maclaury Rd
43Manarik Dr
44Mcculley Heights
45Mcilwain Rd
46Mickle Bridge Rd
47Mill Brook Rd
48Mill Rd
49Minarik Dr
50Mountain Top Rd
51Mountain Vista Dr
52Olive Branch Rd
53Oliver Hill
54Parker Schoolhouse Exd
55Parker Schoolhouse Exn
56Parker Schoolhouse Road Exn
57Parks Hill Rd
58Pine Cliff Cir
59Pine Lake Spur Rd
60Pine Ridge Rd
61Pond Rd
62Prosser Hollow Rd
63Rider Rd
64Ron's Ln
65Ross Dr
66School Dr
67Seacord Dr
68Sexsmith Lake Rd
69Sexsmith Rd
70Sheenaw Rd
71Shultz Rd
72Simpsonville Rd
73St Fire Rd
74Stagecoach Rd
75Sunset Ln
76Sweetbaiar Ct
77Timber Lane Rd
78Titus Hill Rd
79Tnt Acres Rd
80 Tollgate Rd
81Torsten Ln
82Turner Hill Rd
83Ullas Way
84Ullo's Way
85Utter Rd
86Vfw Memorial Dr
87Webb Hill Rd
88Whipple Rd
89Winn Ln
90Yurdon Pond Rd