List of States

List of Street Names with maps in East Meadow, New York

#Street Name
15th St
26th St
37th Ave
47th St
5Aaron Ave
6Aaron Dr
7Abington Pl
8Adam Pl
9Adelaide Ct
10Adelphi St
11Adlin Ct
12Alder Ave
13Andrea Rd
14Andrew Ave
15Andrews Ln
16Apple Ln
17Arlene Dr
18Atlas Ct
19Ava Dr
20Avalon Pl
21Avis Dr
22Aylwood Dr
23Bailey Ave
24Balsam Ave
25Barbara Dr
26Bard Ln
27Barkley Ave
28Benito St
29Benton Rd
30Berfond Pl
31Berg Ave
32Bernice Dr
33Bert Pl
34Bethlynn Ct
35Bette Rd
36Birch Ave
37Blackstone Ave
38Blaine Ave
39Blaire Ave
40 Blendwood Dr
41Bly Rd
42Bright Ave
43Brisbane Ln
44Buchanan Rd
45Buick Pl
46Burro Ln
47Bush St
48Byrd Dr
49Cadillac Dr
50Cameo Ct
51Carla Ln
52Carole Ct
53Carrie Ct
54Casper Ave
55Center Rd
56Central Dr N
57Central Dr S
58Chaladay Ln
59Chambers Ave
60Cherry Pl
61Chestnut Ave
62Chestnut Ln
63Clearmeadow Dr
64Coakley St
65Cole Dr
66Conti Square Blvd
67Coolidge Dr
68Coral Rd
69Corey Ln
70Court Pl
71Cynron Ln
72Cynthia Dr
73Cypress Ave
74Dale Ave
75Dannet Pl
76David Ct
77Desoto Pl
78Devon St
79Dewey Pl
80 Dewolfe Pl
81Diamond Ave
82Dianne Ct
83Dieman Ln
84Dillon Ave
85Dofena Ln
86Dorothy Dr
87Douglas Ct
88Douglas Dr
89Durham Rd
90E Sally Ct
91Earl Pl
92Earl Pl E
93Earl Pl N
94Earl Pl W
95Edro Ct
96Eisenhower Pl
97Elgin Ave
98Elmore Ave
99Eric Ln
100Erma Dr
101Ernest Ct
102Esposito Ct
103Everett Pl
104Falcon St
105Fillmore Rd
106Fir Ct
107Firma Ln
108Flora Ln
109Florence Ct
110Garner Pl
111Gary St
112Gerald Ave
113Gerose Ct
114Gladmore St
115Glenmore Ave
116Granz Ct
117Grayson Dr
118Green Valley Rd
119Haddon Ln
120Harding Ct
121Harton Ave
122Harvard Ct
123Harvey Ln
124Hayes Ct
125Hemlock Ave
126Herrmann St
127Hilda St
128Hoover Pl
129Hudson St
130Hysler St
131Inglewood St
132Jeanna Ct
133Jeanna St
134Jeffrey Ave
135Jesse Pl
136Jill Ct
137Karen Ln
138Kenmore St
139Kevin Pl
140Kodma Pl
141Kroll Rd
142Lakeville Ln
143Lancaster St
144Lawn Dr
145Lenox Ave
146Linda Dr
148Lois Ct
149Lorraine Gate
150Luddington Rd
151Madison Dr
152Maitland St
153Manor Ct
154Margaret Dr
155Marian Ct
156Marin Ln
157Marion Dr
158Marlboro St
159Marshall Dr
160Maurice Ave
161May Ln
162Mcarthur St
163Mcclellan St
164Mckay Ct
165Meadowbrook State Parkway Service Rd
166Meadowoods Dr
167Melanie Dr
168Mercury St
169Merion St
170Midland Dr
171Midvale Ave
172Morris Dr
173Muir Ct
174Muir St
175N Park Terrace
176Nancy Dr
177Newbridge Ave
178Newman Ct
179Newman Rd
180Nira Ave
181Norman Dr
182Nostrand Ave
183Oak Pl
184Oakdale Rd
185Oltmann Rd
186Oswego St
187Pamm Ct
188Park Blvd
189Park Terrace
190Patterson St
191Patti Dr
192Paula Ln
193Peach Ln
194Peg Ln
195Pendroy St
196Pengon Cir
197Peters Ave
198Peters Gate
199Pierce Pl
200Plum Ln
201Plymouth Pl
202Poe Ave
203Polk Pl
204Pontiac Pl
205Pontiac Rd
206Poplar Ln
207Poppy St
208Post St
209Powers Ave
210Preston Rd
211Prospect Ave
212Putnam Dr
213Ramona St
214Richmond Ct
215Richmond Rd
216Rita Dr
217Robyn Pl
218Ronni Dr
219Rosalie Ct W
220Rosalie Dr
221Rose Dr
222Roslyn Pl
223Roslyn St
224Rowehl Dr
225Roxboro Ct
226Royal Rd
227Rudwick Pl
228Rugby St
229Sally Ct
230Shakespeare Pl
231Shari Ln
232Sheila Ct
233Shelley Pl
234Sherwood Dr
235Silver Ct
236Stanley Rd
237Star St
238Starke Ave
239Stephen Marc Ln
240Stone Ave
241Stratford Dr
242Stuyvesant Ave
243Surrey Dr
244Susan Ct
245Susan Dr
246Tabor Pl
247Taylor Ave
248Tonquin St
249Truman Ave
250Tyler Ave
251Vincent Dr
252Von Elm Ave
253Wagstaff Dr
254Walter Ct
255Wickshire Dr
256Willow Ln
257Wilson Rd
258Wingate Dr
259York St