List of States

List of Street Names with maps in East Northport, New York

#Street Name
110th Ave
21st St N
31st St S
42nd St N
52nd St S
65th Ave
76th Ave E
86th Ave W
97th Ave E
107th Ave W
11Acorn Dr
12Adar Ln
13Adrian St
14Aitken Ct
15Alister Cir
16Allerton Ave
17Alma Ln
18Andiron Ct
19Arcy Dr
20Ardendale Rd
21Arleigh Ct
22Arleigh Rd
23Ashland Pl
24Ashwood Ct
25Atlantic St
26Atlas Way
27Barnes Ln
28Barnett Pl
29Barry Dr
30Basill Ln
31Baylor Pl
32Bea Ave
33Beacon Ln
34Beautys Hill Ct
35Beautys Hill Dr
36Bellafiore Dr
37Bellecrest Ave
38Bellerose Ave
39Birch Haven Ct
40 Bird St
41Blacksmith Ln
42Blythe Pl
43Bradbury Ln
44Bradbury Pl
45Breza Ct
46Brunswick Dr
47Brush Ct
48Buhl Ln
49Burrwood Ct
50Caravan Ct
51Caravan Dr
52Carll Pl
53Carlson Ln
54Carrington Dr
55Catalpa Dr
56Catherine St
57Catherine St S
58Caton St
59Cedar Hill Dr
60Cedar Rd
61Cedrus Ave
62Cendry Ln
63Cherrywood Dr
64Cheshire Pl
65Christine Ln
66Clare Dr
67Clarissa Ln
68Clarke Dr
69Claudine Ct
70Clive Pl
71Colonial St
72Compton St
73Continental Ave
74Corbitt St
75Cordell Pl
76Cordwood Ct
77Cori Ln
78Cornell St
79Cornflower Ave
80 Cornflower Ln
81Cornwall Dr
82Corral Ln
83Crest Dr
84Crystal Ln
85Cullen Dr
86Curtis Path
87Darien Pl
88Darrell St
89Dartmoor Dr
90Dartmouth Ct
91Daywood Ct
92Debra Ct
93Deland St
94Delmor Ln
95Deposit Rd
96Diane Ln
97Dickinson Ave
98Ditmar Ln
99Donde Ln
100Dot Ct
101Dougal Ln
102Doyle Ct
103Drew Pl
104Dublin Ct
105Dunton Ct
106E Haven Ln
107Eastover Dr
108Effron Ave
109Elba Pl
110Elberta Dr
111Elchester Dr
112Eldorado Dr
113Eldridge St
114Elford Pl
115Elgar St
116Eliot Pl
117Elkhart Dr
118Ellendale Ct
119Ellington Dr
120Ellsworth Pl
121Elman Pl
122Elmay Pl
123Elmont Ln
124Elmore Pl
125Eloise Pl
126Elsmere Pl
127Elspeth Ln
128Elton Dr
129Eltona Pl
130Elwin Pl
131Elwina Ct
132Esther Pl
133Eunice Dr
134Fairlee Dr
135Farm Hollow Ct
136Fenway Dr
137Field Daisy Ln
138Findley Dr
139Fireplace Ct
140Foothill Ln
141Forest Dr
142Forsythe Dr
143Frances Ct
144Franconia Rd
145Fresno Ct
146Frontier Ln
147Furwood Ct
148Furwood Dr
149Gail Ct
150Garfield Pl
151Georgia St
152Gerri Rd
153Gildare Dr
154Given Ln
155Glenford Ln
156Glenmark Ln
157Glenridge Ln
158Grand Pl
159Grant Ct
160Grant St
161Graystone Dr
162Greendale Ln
163Greg Ln
164Gregory Ct
165Grover Ln
166Gunther Dr
167Guthrie Ct
168Hanley Pl
169Harding St
170Harley Ave
171Harton Ct
172Harwick St
173Heath Ln
174Hewitt Square
175Holly Dr
176Howard Ct
177Hull Pl
178Huron Pl
179Ilsa Ct
180Imperial Ct
181Irma Ln
182Irving Johnson St
183Irvinlee Pl
184Ivory Ct
185Jameson Ct
186Jan Pl
187Jeanne Pl
188Joan Pl
189Julia Ct
190Julia Ln
191Kalmia St
192Karin Ct
193Keane Ln
194Kenilworth Dr
195Ketay St
196Ketchum Ct
197Kew Ave
198Kim Ln
199Kimber Ct
200Kimberly Dr
201Klaibar Ln
202Klein Ct
203Laconia Ct
204Lansing Ln
205Lark Ln
207Laurel Rd
208Lefferts Ave
209Lefferts Pl
210Leland St
211Leonard Dr
212Lester Ct
213Lexington Pl
214Lido Ct
215Lilan Ct
216Lipson Ct
217Locust Pl
218Londel Ct
219Longfield Dr
220Loret Ln
221Lorijean Ln
222Lynn Ave S
223Madsen Ln
224Magenta Ln
225Mander Ln
226Manning Dr
227Mansfield Ln
228Markham Pl
229Markwood Ln
230Marshall Ln
231Mason Ct
232Mcfadden Dr
233Meadow Haven Ln
234Meadow Lark Dr
235Medford Ln
236Melrose Ave
237Metcale Ln
238Midvale Ct
239Mitchell Ave
240Modell Ct
241Monmouth Ct
242Monmouth Dr
243Montauk St
244Montvale Ct
245N 2
246N Haven Ln
247N Hill Dr
248N Hill Dr E
249N Honey Ln
250Netcong Pl
251Newbrook Ln
252Nita St
253Noel Ave
254Norma St
255Normandy Dr
256Norton Dr
257Nyack Dr
258Oak Haven Dr
259Oak Haven Pl
260Oakcrest Ct
261Oakledge Dr
262Oasis Pl
263Oleander Dr
264Olmstead Ln
265Olympia Ct
266Olympia Pl
267Oneida Pl
268Orton Dr
269Owen Ct
270Owen Pl
271Oxbow Ct
272Patrician Ct
273Patrician Dr
274Paula St
275Pauline Pl
276Penfield Dr
277Penrose Path
278Perth Pl
279Poe Pl
280Polk Ave
281Pomper Ct
282Pomper Dr
283Pumpkin St
284Purdy Ave
285Quill Pl
286Richlee Dr
287Ringler Dr
288Rocco Dr
289Rockrose Ln
290Roderick Ct
291Roebling Pl
292Romany Way
293Ronny St
294Rowena Ln
295S Haven Dr
296Salisbury Dr N
297Salisbury Dr S
298Sandy St
299Saratoga Ave
300Scholar Ct
301Selden Dr
302Selma Ct
303Seth Ln
304Shaker Ct
305Shaker Ridge Ln
306Shari Ln
307Shelby Ct
308Shelby Rd
309Shelwood Cir
310Siegfried Pl
311Simeone Dr
312Sipala Ct
313Solow Ln
314Sparkill Dr
315Squire Ave
316Stacey Ln
317Stacy St
318Stan Haven Pl
319Stell Ln
320Stonehenge Ln
321Stony Hollow Ct
322Stoothoff Rd
323Suffolk Pl
324Sunrise Ct
325Sycamore Pl
326Talcott Dr
327Tamarack St
328Teaneck Dr
329Teresa Ln
330Terrace Dr
331Thadford St
332Thrush Ct
333Tideway Ln
334Tinton Pl
335Tobey Pl
336Toga Ct
337Tollgate Dr
338Tompkins St
339Topland Pl
340Treetop Ln
341Udell Way
342University Pl
343Upland Dr
344Valesite Ct
345Valley Rd
346Verleye Ave
347Verton Ct
348Victor Dr
349Vincent Ct
350Vine Ln
351W 6th Ave
352W Dalton Ln
353W Haven Dr
354W Point Dr
355Waco Ct
356Wave Pl
357Webster Pl
358Wellwood Ct
359Wendy Ln
360White Horse Ct
361William St
362Willoughby Path
363Windgate Ct
364Windgate Dr
365Windsor Ln
366Wintercress Ln
367Wood Sorrell Ln
368Woodrise Ct
369Yeoman Dr
370Zoranne Dr