List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Ellenville, New York

#Street Name
1Abromowitz Rd
2Arrowhead Rd
3Backman Ave
4Banadics Rd
5Barbara Ln
6Barbara Rd
7Bartlett St
8Beckley St
9Beechmont Ave
10Bevier Ln
11Bloomer St
12Bogardus Pl
13Briggs Hwy
14Broadhead St
15Bruyn St
16Burlison Ave
17Butternut Rd
18Camp St
19Camp Woods Ln
20Campwoods Ln Exd
21Cape Rd
22Carl St
23Carnation Ave
24Center St
25Charles St
26Charles Wells Rd
27Cherry Ln
28Childs St
29Circle Ave
30Clair Ct
31Clark Ln
32Clifford St
33Coulter Ln
34Country Club Rd
35County Road 53
36Creamery Ln
37David St
38Depot St
39Dewitt St
40 Diamond Rd
41Diane Dr
42Dowe Rd
43Eastwood Ave
44Eaton Ct
45Edwards Pl
46Elias Acres
47Ellenridge Pkwy
48Elm St
49Elting Ct
50Enderly Ln
51Enderly Pl
52Essex St
53Geiger Rd
54Glass St
55Glenwood Ct
56Graham Pl
57Green Acres Ct
58Greenfield Rd
59Hacienda Rd
60Hang Glider Rd
61Hauschild St
62Healthy Way
63Heather Ridge Rd
64Helen St
65Hermance St
66Hickory St
67Highland Terrace
68Hillside Ln
69Hoar St
70Ice Cave Rd
71Ida Ln
72Inwood St
73Ira St
74Jackson Dr
75Jean St
76Judith Ave
77Katherine St
78Kerness Rd
79Kimble Ln
80 Kinberg Ct
81Knollwood Dr
82Kossar Pl
83Kushner Ln
84Lake Dr
85Laurel Terrace
86Linda Ln
87Linden St
88Lonny Dr
89Manpel Rd
90Manpel Rd
91Maple Ct
92Maple Rd
93Marcus Rd
94Mauro Dr
95Mcdole Rd
96Michael Ln
97Mine Ln
98Monroe St
99Moulton St
100Mountain View Ln
101Mountaindale Rd
102Mountainview Rd
103Mt Laurel Ln
104Mt Meenagha Rd
105Mt View Ln
106Nevele Rd
107Nevins St
108Old Greenfield Rd
109Old Minisink Trail
110Park St
111Penny Ct
112Penny Pl
113Pershing Ave
114Phyllis Dr
115Pine St
116Rear Chapel St
117Resnick Dr
118Rippert Ln
119Rosenstock Rd
120Roslyn St
121Sandra St
122Schrade Ct
123Scoresby Ln
124Seigel Rd
125Shelly Dr
126Siegel Dr
127Smiley Rd
128Steven St
129Summer Hill Rd
130Tempaloni Rd
131Terrie St
132Towne Rd
133Towpath Ln
134Tuthill Ave
135Tyrone Thomas Ln
136Ulster Heights Rd
137Webster St
138Weiser Rd
139Westwood Ave
140Willow Pl
141Wintish Rd
142Wintish St
143Woodland Way S
144Wright Ln
145Yaffee Rd
146Yankee Pl
147Zane St