List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Franklin, New York

#Street Name
12nd St
23rd St
37 Keys Dr
4Adirondack Park
5Adirondack Park Preserve
6Alder Brook Park Rd
7Baker Rd
8Bartlett Hollow Rd
9Bass Pond Rd
10Bennett Hollow Rd
11Benowski Rd
12Bigelow Rd
13Birch Ln
14Bissell Rd
15Black Spruce Ln
16Bloomingdale-gabriels Rd
17Blue School Rd
18Bob Rd
19Bookhout Rd
20Brewster Rd
21Buck Horn Farm Rd
22Buck Pond Campsite Rd
23Camp Rd
24Camp Rd
25Campbell Estates Rd
26Campbell Rd
27Campton Rd
28Carey Rd
29Carpenter Corners Rd
30Case Hill Rd
31Center St
32Ceresna Rd
33Chamberlain Hill Rd
34Christian Hill Rd
35Church St
36Cillmore-stockman St
37Cobweb Rd
38Cold Brock Rd
39Collin Rd
40 County Highway 14
41County Highway 14
42County Highway 18
43County Highway 21
44County Highway 26
45County Highway 48
46County Highway 55
47County Road 14
48County Road 26
49County Route 48
50Cronauer Rd
51Cty Rt 26
52D&h Rd
53Derke Rd
54Dinsmore Way
55Drayton Rd
56E Handsome Brook Rd
57E Sidney Lake Access Rd
58Echo Acres Rd
59Ed Klug Rd
60Epps Rd
61Franklin Falls Rd
62Franklin Heights Rd
63French Rd
64Gabriels-onchiota Rd
65Gay Brook Rd
66Gerald Abbott Rd
67Gibson Hill Rd
68Harker Rd
69Heathen Hill Rd
70Helen St
71Henry Eds Rd
72Herklotz Rd
73Hill St
74Hill St
75Hillside Road Spur
76Hodge Rd
77Howe Rd
78Hwy 3
79Institute St
80 Kilmer Rd
81Kiraly Rd
82Leland Hull Rd
83Leo Collins Rd
84Lilly Pond Trailer Park
85Lintz Rd
86Loon Lake Village
87Mackey Rd
88Main St
89Maple St
90Meadow Rd
91Meenagha Rd
92Merrickville Rd
93Merrickville Road Spur
94Merril Rd
95Merrill Rd
96N Branch Rd
97Oak Hill Rd
98Old 99
99Old Military Rd
100Old Route 99
101Olin Evans Rd
102Olive Whitbeck Rd
103Olive Whitbek Rd
104Olmstead Rd
105Oregon Camp Rd
106Oregon Plains Rd
107Otego Rd
108Otego St
109Over Look Dr
110Park Ln
111Patent Line Rd
112Plank Rd
113Poet Hill Rd
114Pomeroy Rd
115Pomeroy Spur
116Pomeroy Spur Rd
117Port Kent-hopkinton Turnpike
118Prayer Rd
119Prince Camp
120River Rd
121Rob Pomeroy Rd
122Rock St
123Rosebud Ln
124Roseman Ln
125Round Top Rd
126Rte 3
127Russel Rd
128Sanly Rd
129Sanly Road Spur
130Snake Hill Rd
131Sorrel St
132State Highway 99
133Stewart Rd
134Tara Ln
135Thatcherville Rd
136Triverfield Rd
137Tupper Hill Rd
138Turkey Run Rd
139Van Tassell Rd
140Van Tassell Rd
141Vantassel Rd
142Vantassel Rd
143Wakeman Ave
144Walley Rd
145Washburn Rd
146Water St
147Water St
148Watercrest Dr
149West St
150Westcott Rd
151Whiteface Meadows Rd