List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Glen Cove, New York

#Street Name
1Abate St
2Acres Way
3Albin St
4Alex Ln
5Alvin St
6Andover Pl
7Anthony Marangiello St
8Arbor Pl
9Ashleigh Ct
10Athem Dr
11Austral Ave
12Barlow Ave
13Beech Ct
14Beechwood Ct
15Bella Vista Ave
18Birch Tree Ct
19Birchbark Ln
20Bittersweet Ln
21Bluff Rd
22Bowne St
23Branding Iron Ln
24Brewster St
25Briarcliff Ln
26Briarwood Dr
27Bridge St
28Broadfield Pl
29Brookdale Ct
30Brookdale Rd
31Bryce Ave
32Buckeye Rd
33Butler Ct
34Cambridge Ct
35Capobianco St
36Cardinal Ct
37Carlyle Dr
38Carney St
39Carol Gate
40 Carpenter St
41Caruso Ct
42Chadwick St
43Cherrywood Ct
44Cherrywood Rd
45Clement St
46Cobble Ct
47Coles Ct
48Coles St
49Collins Rd
50Colonial Gate
51Comp Ln
52Continental Ct
53Continental Hill
54Continental Pl
55Conway Ct
56Cosgrove Dr
57Cottage Ln
58Cottage Row
59Craft Ln
60Crescent Beach Rd
61Crow Ln
62Dairy Dr
63Dalex Ct
64Daly Pl
65Danas Hwy
66Danis Ave
67Deasy Ln
68Deep Woods Ct
69Deepdale Ct
70Delamar Ct
71Diamond Ct
72Dickson St
73Donahue Ct
74Donahue St
75Dorset Way
76Dosoris Ln
77Dosoris Way
78Dougherty St
79Doxey Dr
80 Duke Pl
81E Leech Cir
82E Stuart Dr
83Eastland Dr
84Edgehill Rd
85Edwards Ln
86Eldridge Pl
87Elliott Pl
88Ellwood St
89Elm Ave
90Elsinore Ave
91Emerald Dr
92Fairmont Pl
93Fairview Ct
94Ford St
95Fox St
96Francis Terrace
97Gabriel Pl
98Gabrus Dr
99Gabrus Rd
100Gaffney St
101Gail Terrace
102Garvies Point Rd
103Germaine St
104Gervais St
105Glen Keith Rd
106Glen St
107Glengariff Dr
108Gold Coast Ct
109Grant Pl
110Gruber Dr
111Guilfoy St
112Hammond Rd
113Harwood Dr
114Harwood Dr E
115Harwood Dr W
116Hazel St
117Helen Pl
118Hemlock Ln
119Hendrick Ave
120Hendrick Ave E
121Hendrick Ave W
122Henry Dr
123Herb Hill Rd
124High Ave
125High Elms Ln
126High Pine Rd
127High Ridge Ct
128Highfield Rd
129Highland Mews
130Highland Rd
131Hill St
132Hitching Post Ln
133Hollow Way
134Hollytree Ln
135Hook Gate Rd
136Inwood Rd
137Jackson Ln
138Janet Ln
139Jerry Ln
140Jodi Ct
141Johnell Pl
142Johnson St
143Karen Rd
144Kelly St
145Kemp Ave
146Kennedy Heights
147Kirkwood Dr
148Knoll Pl
149Knott Dr
150Ladew St
151Lamarcus Ave
152Landing Rd
153Larch Pl
154Laurie Pl
155Lawrence Ln
156Lee Gray Ct
157Leuce Pl
158Libby Dr
159Long Meadow Ln
160Luonga Ln
161Madeline Pl
162Manning Rd
163Mansion Dr
164Marietta Rd
165Mariners Way
166Mark Ct
167Maryland St
168Matthews Heights
169Mcgrady St
170Mcloughlin St
171Meadow Spring Ln
172Meadowfield Ln
173Mechanic St
174Medical Plaza
175Mercadante Pl
176Middle Cross Ln
177Midge St
178Miller St
179Minden Rd
180N Leech Cir
181N Yew
182Nancy Ct
183Nassau Ave
184Nassau Rd
185Nassau Rd
186New Villa Ct
187New Woods Rd
188Norfolk Ln
189Norman Ct
190North Ln
191Northfield Rd
192Orchard Way
193Orian Pl
194Park Manor Ct
195Paula Pl
196Peacock Pond Rd
197Pearsall Ave
198Perkins Ct
199Petite Pl
200Phillips Rd
201Pine Low
202Pine Pl
203Pond View Dr
204Poplar Pl
205Porter Pl
206Preston Ct
207Prestwick Terrace
208Puca Ct
209Pulaski St
210Purdue Rd
211Putnum Ave
212Quail Ridge Rd
213Rabbit Run
214Ralph Young Ave
215Ravine Ave
216Raynham Rd
217Red Spring Ln
218Rellim Dr
219Reynolds Rd
220Ridge Dr
221Ridgefield Ct
222Ridgefield Pl
223Robinson Ave
224Rooney Ct
225Ruby Dr
226Russell Ln
227S Craft Ln
228S Leech Cir
229S Yew
230Saluatation Rd
231Saxon Ct
232Seaman Rd
233Seaward Ave
234Selina Ct
235September Ln
236Shell Dr
237Sherwood Rd
238Smith Ct
239Soundbeach Dr
240Soundside Ln
241Southfield Rd
242Southland Dr
243Southridge Dr
244Sparrow Ct
245St Andrews Ln
246St James Pl
247St Rocco Pl
248St Rocco St
249Stanco St
250Stephen Oval
251Stillman Rd
252Sugar Maple Ln
253Sunview Dr
254Swan Ct
255Sycamore Rd
256Taft Pl
257Tappanwood Dr
258Taylor Dr
259The Outlook Ln
260The Pl
261Timber Rd
262Titus Rd
263Tower Rd
264Towle Pl
265Town Path
266Townsend Rd
267Trubee Pl
268Tulane Rd
269Valentine Ave
270Valentine St
271Valley Rd
272Verplank Rd
273Victoria Ln
274Village Square
275W Stuart Dr
276Walnut Rd
278Westfield Pl
279Westgate Ct
280Westland Dr
281Whitman Ln
282Whitney Cir
283Willada Ln
284Willits Rd
286Wolfle St
287Woodale Ct
288Woolsey Ave