List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Herkimer County, New York

#Street Name
1Albany Rd
2Aney Hill Rd
3Barringer Rd
4Berberick Rd
5Billy Hamlin Rd
6Bisby Rd
7California Rd
8Chyle Rd
9Comstock Rd
10County Road 104
11County Road 114
12County Road 116
13County Road 126
14County Road 135
15County Road 14
16County Road 142
17County Road 145
18County Road 147
19County Road 155
20County Road 159
21County Road 160
22County Road 163
23County Road 166
24County Road 169
25County Road 178
26County Road 18
27County Road 183
28County Road 206
29County Road 224
30County Road 254
31County Road 27
32County Road 36
33County Road 4
34County Road 49
35County Road 59
36County Road 71
37County Road 73
38County Road 97
39Cullen Rd
40 Cummings Rd
41Dairy Hill Rd
42Dugan Rd
43Dyke Rd
44Fisher Ln
45Foley Hill Rd
46Goldmine Rd
47Graffenburg Rd
48Grand View Dr
49Graudon Rd
50Hacadam Rd
51Hardscrabble Rd
52Hawthorne Rd
53Hwy 167
54Hwy 168
55Hwy 170
56Hwy 29
57Hwy 365
58Johnnycake Rd
59Jordanville Rd
60King Rd
61Kingdom Rd
62Lighthall Rd
63Military Rd
64Mill Ln
65Mussmaker Rd
66New York State Thruway
67Newport Rd
68Ostrander Rd
69Perimeter Rd
70Quinn Rd
71Richfield Hill Rd
72Rose Valley Rd
73Sarafin Rd
74Spain Gulf Rd N
75Spur Rd
76State Highway 29
77State Route 8
78Swamp Rd
79Taft Ave
80 Tanner Rd
81Travis Rd
82Tri-town Rd
83U.s. 20
84Wall St
85Warney Rd
86Warren Rd
87Zoller Rd