List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Jefferson County, New York

#Street Name
1Antwerp Rd
2Black Creek Rd
3Butler Dr
4Cady Rd
5Caird Rd
6Case Rd
7Cemetery Rd
8Cooke Rd
9County Line Rd
10County Road 100a
11County Road 111
12County Road 143
13County Road 145
14County Road 155
15County Road 160
16County Road 163
17County Road 18
18County Road 189
19County Road 190
20County Road 191
21County Road 194
22County Road 22
23County Road 26
24County Road 3
25County Road 37
26County Road 46
27County Road 49
28County Road 5
29County Road 6
30County Road 62
31County Road 75
32County Road 78
33County Road 8
34County Road 82
35County Road 9
36County Road 95
37County Road 97
38County Route 17
39County Route 66
40 Cramer Rd
41Creek Rd
42Dano Rd
43Denning Rd
44Depauville Rd
45Dogwood Ln
46Doolins Rd
47Drake Rd
48Dry Hill Rd
49Dutch Settlement Rd
50E Line Rd
51E Maple Ct
52Elm Ridge Rd
53Ely Dr
54Freeman Creek Rd
55Gary Rd
56Gray Rd
57Gray St
58Hangar Access Dr
59Hanson Bridge Rd
60Horace Forward Truck Trail
61Hwy 126
62Hwy 12e
63Hwy 12f
64Hwy 177
65Hwy 178
66Hwy 180
67Hwy 26
68Hwy 283
69Hwy 3
70Hwy 342
71Hwy 37
72Hwy 411
73Jenkins Rd
74Lake Camp Rd
75Ledges Rd
76Loveland Rd
77Lowville Rd
78Macomb Settlement Rd
79Massey Street Rd
80 Millens Bay Rd
81Mixer Rd
82Moffatt Rd
83Moon Lake Rd
84Munns Corner Rd
85N Harbor Rd
86N Main St
87Nellis Rd
88New York State Thruway
89Old Moffett Rd
90Old State Street Rd
91Old Town Springs Rd
92Ore Bed Rd
93Orleans Ave
94Overbluff Rd
95Patrick Rd
96Peck Rd
97Plank Rd
98Reedville Rd
99Rte 12
100Rte 126
101Rte 180
102Rte 26
103Rutland Hollow Rd
104Sand Bay Rd
105Simpson Rd
106Smithville Rd
107South Dr
108St Lawrence Rd
109State Route 12
110State Route 12e
111State Route 180
112State Route 283
113State Route 342
114State St
115Stills Corners Rd
116Swamp Rd
117Tanners Corners Rd
118Texas Rd
119U.s. 11
120U.s. 2
121U.s. 62
122Underbluff Rd
123Us Military Hwy
124Vaadi Rd
125Van Allen Rd
126W Main St
127Washington Park Rd
128Whittaker Rd
129Wilton Rd
130Woodard Rd