List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Lyons, New York

#Street Name
1Alloway Rd
2Armitage Rd
3Ashley St
4Avery Rd
5Bastian Rd
6Bauer Rd
7Bauer Van Wickle Rd
8Bear St
9Bishop Rd
10Brandt Rd
11Broad St
12Burton Rd
13Butternut St
14Canal St
15Catherine St
16Cherry St
17Clyde Rd
18Cole Rd
19Congress St
20County House Rd
21County Road 243
22County Road 244
23County Road 245
24County Road 338
25County Road 339
26County Road 340
27County Road 6
28Culver St
29Debusse Rd
30Depew Ave
31Dickerson St
32Ditton St
33Dry Dock Rd
34Dunn Rd
35E Alloway Backset Rd
36Elmer St
37Emmel Rd
38Eyer Rd
39Forgham St
40 Foster St
41Gansz Rd
42Geneva St
43Geneva St Exd
44Grist Mill Dr
45Hale St
46Harris Rd
47Helch Rd
48Herbst Rd
49Highland Fruit Farm Rd
50Holley St
51Jackson School Rd
52Jackson St
53Joy St
54Lawrence St
55Layton St
56Layton Street Rd
57Leach Rd
58Lembke Rd
59Limekiln Rd
60Lind Rd
61Lock Berlin Rd
62Locust Hill Dr
63Lyons-marengo Rd
64Manhattan St
65Maple St
66Maple Street Rd
67Maxison Rd
68Mcclelland Rd
69Mcmullen Rd
70Middle Sodus Rd
71Mirick Pl
72Montezuma St
73Moran St
74Mt Pleasant Rd
75N Canal St
76N Joy St
77Nye Rd
78Old Newark Rd
79Old Preemption Rd
80 Old State Route 14
81Paliotti Pkwy
82Pearl St
83Perrine Ln
84Peters Rd
85Phelps St
86Queen St
87Rice St
88Ross Rd
89San-bar Ln
90Sapp Rd
91Schleede Rd
92Schwab Rd
93Shaw St
94Shuler St
95Sisson St
96Sohn Alloway Rd
97Spencer St
98Sterns Rd
99Stokes Rd
100Storms Rd
101Summit St
102Sunderville Rd
103Thompson Station Rd
104Thompson Station Rd
105Travell Rd
106Upper Water St
107Van Marters Ln
108Vollinger Rd
109W Alloway Backset Rd
110Warncke Rd
111Westphal Pkwy
112Wunder Rd