List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Manorville, New York

#Street Name
1Aileen Ct
2Alexandra Ct
3Ashley Cir
4Ava Ct
5Badger Rd
6Bailey Ln
7Barbara Ann St
8Barn Swallow Ct
9Bauer Ave
10Beechwood Dr
11Bensel St
12Bonito Blvd
13Brenda Ln
14Bridget Dr
15Brier Hollow Ct
17Brookville Way
18Bruce Dr
19Bunker Ct
20Cal Ct
21Calendar Rd
22Caputo Dr
23Cara Ct
24Carmody St
25Carol Ave
26Carriage Path
27Chapman Blvd
28Charter Ct
29Chateau Dr
30Cherry Beth Ln
31Cherrybeth Ln
32Clancy Rd
33Clare Ct
34Club House Ln
35Cobbleridge Ln
36Colonial Cir
37Country Club Dr
38Crest Hollow Ln
39Cristina Dr
40 Darcy Ave
41David Terry Rd
42Davidson Dr
43Dawnwood Dr
44Dayton Ave
45Deer Ln
46Doe Run
47Dongan Blvd
48Donnelly Ct
49Douglas Ln
50Dry Saw Mill Rd
51Dundalk Rd
52East-manor Rd
53Eastport Ln
54Eileen Ln
55Ellen Ln
56Evelyn Ct
57Fairfield Manor Dr
58Faraday Faraday Ave
59Farm House Cir
60Farm House Ct
61Farrell St
62Florence Dr
63Foreston Cir
64Fox Ct
65Freeman Ln
66Frontier Trail
67Gateway Ln
68Georgann Rd
69Ginny Ct
70Gloria Rd
71Golf Club Cir
72Gothic Cir
73Green Ct
74Greenwood Blvd
75Halsey Manor Rd
76Hampton Vista Dr
77Haney Ct
78Harmony St
79Head Of The Neck Rd
80 Heatherwood Ct
81Hertz Ave
82Hilltop Ln
83Hogan Ln
84Hot Water St
85Ira Ct
86Irvin Pl
87Jarvic Ct
88Jerusalem Hollow Rd
89Jodi Dr
90John Ln
91Kimberly Ct
92Lane Rd
93Larry Ct
94Lea Ave
95Ledyard Ave
96Lilly Ct
97Limetree Dr
98Line Rd
99Long Rd
100Manor Ct
101Manor Hills Dr
102Manor View Dr
103Manor-yaphank Rd
104Manorage Rd
105Manorville Rd
106Marilyn St
107Mariposa Ln
108Maxa Ct
109Maxwell Ave
110Meadow Ct
111Middlethon Ave
112Mini Ct
113Moran Ct
114N Bernstein Blvd
115N Cozine Rd
116N Pine St
117N Trainor Ave
118N Weeks Ave
119Nestledown Ave
120Nicole Ct
121Oak Ridge Ct
122Oceanview Blvd
123Old Brookville Ct
124Old Neck Ct
125Old River Rd
126Orange Tree Ct
127Owls Nest Ct
128Ozone St
129Palace Ct
130Papermill Rd
131Par Dr
132Petes Path
133Phyllis Ct
134Pidgeon Ct
135Pine Hills Dr
136Pine Hills Pkwy
137Pine Needle Dr
138Polistena Blvd
140Port Ct
141Port Jefferson-westhampton Rd
142Prairie Ct
143Primrose Path
144Putter Ct
145Quail Ct
146Ranch Cir
147Ricky Rd
148Rockhill Cir
149Rolling Estate Cir
150Rolling Estates Cir
151Rosemary Ct
152Ross Ct
153Ryerson Ave
154Saddlebrook Ln
155Sandie Ln
156Schultz Rd
157Scott Ln
158Shady View Crossing
159Shang Lee Dr
160Shara Ct
161Sheffield Pl
162Sheila Ct
163Silas Carter Ave
164Silas Carter Rd
165Silas Woods Rd
166Silver Ponds St
167Simpson Gate
168Sohmer St
169South St
170Stephanie Ln
171Strawberry Patch Ct
172Surrey Ln
173Tall Oaks Ct
174The Gate
175Trainor Ave
176Tupelo St
177Vicky Ct
178Victoria Ln
179Village Cir E
180Village Cir N
181Village Cir S
182Village Cir W
183Vineyard Dr
184Wading River Annex
185Wading River Anx
186Wadleigh Ave
187Wilderness Ct
188Windcrest Dr
189Winding Path
190Windjammer Crossing
191Woodland Ave
192Wright Rd
193Yaphank Rd
194Yaphank Rd
195Yaphank-middle Island Dr