List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Miller Place, New York

#Street Name
1Alexander Way
2Alilah Ct
3Andromeda Ct
4Ann St
5Arborvitae Ln
6Audrey St
7Audubon Gate
8Avery Ln
9Azalea Ct
10Bayberry Ct
11Belle Terre Ave
12Beverly Dr
13Bluffview Ct
14Calverly Ln
15Carlisle Rd
16Cedar Glen Rd
17Cedar Hill Terrace
18Cliff View Ct
19Colonial Ct
20County Road 20
21Cypress Ct
22Dogwood Hollow Ln
23Eastwood Rd
24Enchanted Woods Ct
25Engle Ct
26Erie Ct
27Evans Ln
28Farah Ct
29Feile Ln
30Ferney Ave
31Field Ct
32Field Ln
33Forsythia Ct
34Furrow Pl
35George Ct
36Glenn St
37Glenwood Ave
38Graham Ct
39Grandview Blvd
40 Griffen Ct
41Grist Ct
42Gristmill Ln
43Grosvenor Ln
44Gully Landing Rd
45Halley Ln
46Hallock Ct
47Hancock Pl
48Handcock Pl
49Harrison Ave
50Heather Ln
51Heller Rd
52Helme Ave
53Helme Dr
54Hempstead Ave
55Henearly Dr
56Henearly Rd
57Heritage Ln N
58High Hollow Ln
59Honey Ln
60Honey Ln W
61Huron Ct
62Independence Way
63Islander Ct
64Jonah Rd
65Kettle Knoll Path
66Kim St
67Knoll Crest
68Lansing St
69Levon Ln
70Macbeth Cir
71Magnolia Ln
72Marbeth Cir
73Mary St
74Meadow Pond Cir
75Memorial Dr
76Middle Ct
77Millard Ave
78Miller Ct
79Miller Farms Ct
80 Miller Farms Dr
81Miller Place Rd
82Miller Woods Dr
83Mimosa St
84Mineola Ave
85Minuteman Ct
86Musket Ct
87N Hampton Ave
88N Harbor Down
89Natures Ln
90Newport Ct
91Niagara St
92Oakland Ave
93Oaks Dr
94Old Cow Path
95Old Orchard Way
96Ottawa St
97Pardam Knoll Rd
98Pardham Knoll Rd
99Parkside Ave
100Parlar Ct
101Parviz Ct
102Passway Ln
103Pinefield Ct
104Pinehurst Dr
105Poplar Ct
106Prechtl Ct
107Pringle Rd
108Queens Rd
109Quiet Ct
110Radio Ave
111Raider Run
112Ravine Rd
113Redwood Ln
114Rhododendron Ct
115Rocky Mountain Way
116Rolling Rd
117Roxbury Rd
118Ryan Ln
119S Gate
120Sailors Ct
121Samuels Path
122Samules Path
123Sarah Anne Ct
124Seacliff Ave
125Seacliff Ln
126Serviceberry Ct
127Shoreham Ave
128Siefert Ave
129Sleepy Hollow Ln
130Snowberry Ct
131Sorrento Ct
132Sound Breeze Dr
133Southwood Dr
134St James Ave
135Sunreigh Ct
136Sunwood Dr
137Sweetgum Ln
138Tallmadge Trail
139Trenton St
140Tuthill Ct
141Tyler Ave
142Valley Cir
143Viburnum Ct
144Victory Knoll Path
145View Dr
146Village Dr N
147Wabil Rd
148White Birch Cir
149Willow Pond Ln
150Wilmington St
151Woodland Rd