List of States

List of Street Names with maps in New Windsor, New York

#Street Name
12nd St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
2A St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
3Agnes Ave
4Agnes Rd
5Airport Center Dr - Stewart International Airport (swf)
6Alder Dr
7Allen Pl
8Animal Import Center
9Ann Elizabeth Dr
10Anthony Ave
11Arbor Ln
12Ardmore St
13Argenio Dr
14Ash Ave
15Avenue Of Americas
16Aviation Ave - Stewart International Airport (swf)
17B St
18Balmoral Cir
19Balsam Dr - Stewart International Airport (swf)
20Barberry Ln
21Barclay Plaza
22Barclay Rd
23Barnstorm Rd
24Barrett Dr
25Baxter Ln
26Bayberry Ct
27Beakes Rd
28Beaver Brook Rd
29Belle Ct
30Benedict Ln
31Bethlehem Rd
32Betsy Ross Dr
33Bill Larkin Dr - Stewart International Airport (swf)
34Bivona Ln
35Blanche Ave
36Blooming Grove Turnpike
37Bradford Ave
38Bradford Terrace
39Brandon Ct
40 Brein Ln
41Breunig Rd
42Briarwood Ln
43Brocklehurst Rd
44Brook Hollow Dr
45Brooks St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
46Brown's Dr
47Browning Rd
48Bruenig Rd - Stewart International Airport (swf)
49Budney Dr
50Burroughs Ln
51Butter Hill Dr
52Buttermilk Dr
53Butternut Dr
54Buttonwood Dr
55Byron Ln
56C St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
57Caesars Ln
58Cambridge Ct
59Cannon Dr
60Canterbury Ln
61Carleton Cir
62Carlton Cir
63Carol Ave
64Cause Way
65Cedar Ave
66Cheddar Ln
67Cherie Ln
68Cherry Dr
69Chesire Lodge Rd
70Chestnut Ave
71Chestnut Dr
72Chimney Corner Rd
73Cimorelli Dr
74Clancy Ave
75Clara Ave
76Clara Ct
77Clark St
78Clarkview Rd
79Clintonwood Dr
80 Cloverdale Ct
81Coach House Ct
82Coffey Ave
83Colonial Dr
84Colonist Trail
85Columbine Ln
86Columbus St
87Commerce Dr
88Community Park
89Constitution Way
90Continental Dr
91Continental Mountain
92County Road 69
93County Road 74
94Coutant Ln
95Crab Apple Ln
96Creamery Dr
97Cresthaven Dr
98Cromwell Terrace
99Cross St
100Crotty Ln - Stewart International Airport (swf)
101Cullen Ave
102Currycross Rd
103Custard Ct
104D St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
105Dairy Ln
106Daniher Ave
107Dean Hill Rd
108Deer Brook Dr
109Denniston Dr
110Devitt Cir
111Devitts Cir
112Diamond Ct
113Dimiceli St
114Donnelly Pl
115Doral Dr
116Dove Ct
117Drakes Ln
118Driftwood Ln
119Drury Ln
120Dutchman Dr
121E St
122Eagle Dr
123Elises Ln
124Elizabeth Ln
125Ellison Dr
126Erie Ave
127Executive Dr
128F St
129Fairway Ct
130Fanewood Dr
131Farmstead Rd
132Faye Ave
133Fernandez Dr
134Foley Ave
135Forest Glen
136Forge Hill Rd
137Garden Dr
138Garden St
139Garland St
140Gazebo Ct
141Gerow Ln
142Gettys Ln
143Giles Rd
144Giovanna St
145Glendale Dr
146Golden Pond Rd
147Goodman Ave
148Gratz Ln
149Guernsey Dr
150Haight Dr
151Hannah Ln
152Harth Dr
153Hawthorn Way - Stewart International Airport (swf)
154Hearthstone Way
155Hemingway Rd
156Hemmingway Rd
157Herbert Hoover Dr
158Hewitt Ln
159Hickory Ave
160High Wood Dr
161Highwood Dr
162Hillington Rd
163Hillside Dr
164Hobnail Ct
165Holloran Rd
166Holly Dr
167Horse Shoe Bend
168Hudson Dr
169Hudson Valley Ave - Stewart International Airport (swf)
170Independence Dr
171Industrial Rd
172Industrial Way
173International Blvd
174Ivy Rock Ln
175Ivy Rock St
176J St
177Jackie St
178Jacqueline St
179Jagger Dr
180James Kelly Dr
181Jennifer Ct
182Jersey Ct
183Jimmy Ln
184John Paul Jones Ln
185John St
186Joseph St
187Judd Cir
188Kathy Ct
189Kayleen Dr
190Kearney Dr
191Keats Dr
192Kenwood Dr
193King George Dr
194Kings Rd
195Knox Dr
196Koran Ave
197Kries Ln
198Lafayette Dr
199Lancaster Ave
200Lannis Ave
201Laurel Dr
202Lawrence Ave
203Ledyard St
204Leo Ln
205Leprechaun Ln
206Leslie Ave
207Lexington Ln
208Liberty Ridge
209Light Cap Ln
210Lilac Hill Rd
211Lillian Pl
212Lillian St
213Lincolndale Acres
214Liner Rd
215Locust Ave
216Lorraine Rd
217Louise Dr
218Lucas Dr
219Lucy St
220Lush Ln
221Lyndon Ln
222Mac Arthur Ave
223Mac Nary Ln
224Macnary Rd
225Maderia Rd
226Maharay Ln
227Maharey Ln
228Manuche Dr
229Margaret Pl
230Margo St
231Marlborough Dr
232Marotta Dr
233Marshall Dr E
234Marshall Dr W
235Marthas Way
236Max Pl
237Mazies Ln
238Mckinley Ct
239Meadow Brook Heights Dr
240Melrose Ave
241Melville Dr
242Meriline Ave
243Mertes Ln
244Misty Ridge Rd
245Mitchell Ave
246Molly Pitcher Dr
247Moores Hill Rd
248Mt Airy Rd
249Musket Pl
250Nee Ave
251Nevis Dr
252Nick Garzione Ln
253Nina St
254Noor Ln
255O St
256Oak Dr
257Oak Ridge Dr
258Oakwood Terrace
259Old Forge Hill Rd
260Old Hemlock Dr
261Old North Rd
262Old Pleasant Hill Rd
263Old Route 9w
264Oles Rd
265Ona Ln
266Ora St
267Oxford Ave
268P St
269Palamino Pl
270Panorama Dr
271Parade Pl
272Park Hill Dr
273Park Hill Rd
274Parkdale Dr
275Parkway Dr
276Passaro Dr
277Passaro Ln
278Patriots Ct
279Pea Hill Rd
280Philo St
281Pieters Ct
282Pine View
283Pioneer Trail
284Plover Ct
285Plum Point Ln
286Plum Point Park
287Plympton St
288Poe Ct
289President Ct
290Provost Dr
291Q St
292Quassaick Ave
293Quassdick Dr
294Queen St
295Railway Pass
296Raz Ave - Stewart International Airport (swf)
297Recreation Rd - Stewart International Airport (swf)
298Red Coat Dr
299Red Maple Way
300Redding Pl
301Reddings Pl
302Reed St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
303Regimental Pl
304Reveres Run
305Rico Dr
306Riley Rd
307Riverview Ave
308Rocky Ln
309Rolling Ridge
310Ronsini Rd
311Rosemary Ln
312Rosetti Ln
313Rudy Rd
314Ruscitti Rd
315Ryan Ct
316S Jacqueline St
317S Water St
318Sam Graziano Ln
319Samantha Ct
320San Giacomo Dr
321Sand Gate Dr
322Sandpiper Ln
323Schiavone Rd
324Schoonmaker Dr
325Scofield Ln
326Seaman Ln
327Seidman Way
328Sesame St
329Settlers Ridge
330Shadowood Ln
331Shady Dell Dr
332Shaker Ct
333Shaker Ct N
334Shelly Rd
335Shepro Ln
336Shore Dr
337Sienna Ln
338Silver Spring Rd
339Silver Stream Rd
340Sim St
341Singwood Dr
342Singwood Terrace
343Sloop Hill Rd
344Slovak Ln
345Sluga Dr
346Split Tree Dr
347Spring Rock Rd
348Spruce Street Exd
349Square Hill Rd
350St Anne Dr
351St Joseph Pl
352Staples Ln
353Steele Rd
354Steinfeld Ln
355Stephenson Ln
356Stone Arch Rd
357Stone Ledge Ln
358Stonecrest Dr
359Strawberry Ln
360Suburban Ct
361Sue Kelly Ave - Stewart International Airport (swf)
362Summit Woods
363Sunrise Terrace
364Sycamore Dr
365Tall Oaks View
366Tech Valley Rd - Stewart International Airport (swf)
367Temple Hill Rd
368Thelbridge Dr
369Townsend St
370Tozzoli Ave - Stewart International Airport (swf)
371Trafalgar Rd
372Trailer Ln - Stewart International Airport (swf)
373Treatment Plant Rd - Stewart International Airport (swf)
374Tree Haven Ln
375Truex Cir
376Truex Dr
377Twin Ponds Rd
378Vails Gate Heights Dr
379Valewood Dr
380Valley View Dr
381Vascello Rd
382Verde Vista
383Veronica Ave
384Verplank Ave
385Victory Ln
386Village Green
387Wall Pl
388Wall St
389Walsh Ave
390Watch Hill Dr
391Weather Oak Hill Rd
392Weed Rd
393Wembly Rd
394Willow Ln
395Willow Pkwy
396Winding Brook Ct
397Windsor Dr
398Windsor Garden Dr
399Windsor Hwy
400Windsor Square Dr
401Wood Haven Ct
402Woodruff Ln
403Woodthrush Ln
404World Trade Way - Stewart International Airport (swf)
405Y St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
406Z St - Stewart International Airport (swf)
407Ziegler Ln