List of States

List of Street Names with maps in Newark Valley, New York

#Street Name
1Allison Hill Rd
2Bailey Hollow Rd
3Barber Rd
4Betty Ln
5Blewer Mead Rd
6Blewer Rd
7Brook St
8Brookside Mobile Home Park
9Burlingame Rd
10Burlingame Rd
11Cameron Rd
12Central St
13Chamberlain Rd
14Clinton St
15Cook St
16County Highway 402
17County Road 404
18County Road 408
19County Road 9
20Courtright Hill Rd
21Dalton Hill Rd
22Danton Dr
23Davis Hollow Rd
24Delaney Rd
25Dimmock Ave
26Dodson Hill Rd
27Dr Knapp Rd
28Dr Knapp Rd N
29E Whig St
30Edgewood Rd
31Elmer Hill Rd
32Franklin Ave
34Greenwood Rd
35Harnecky Rd
36Hartwell Rd
38Howard Hill Rd
39Howland Hill Rd
40 Irishtown Rd
41John St
42Ketchumville Rd
43Ketchumville Rd
44King Hill Rd
45Kuzia Dr
46Lamb Rd
47Lane Rd
48Lawrence Ave
49Lawrence Rd
50Lower Fairfield Rd
51Lusk Ln
52Maine Rd
53Maine Rd
54Marble St
55Marean Rd
56Markham Rd
57Matt Ryan Rd
58Murphy Ln
59Myers Rd
60N Newark Rd
61Newman Rd
62Old Stage Coach Rd
63Old State Rd
64Old State Rd
65Prentice Hill Rd
66Prentice Rd
67Pump Hill Rd
68Rewey Ave
69Ridgehaven Dr
70Rock St
71Russell Rd
72S Ketchumville Rd
74Settle Rd
75Sherry Lipe Rd
76Sherry Lipe Spur
77Silk St
78Smokey Zimmer Rd
79Smullen Ave
80 Snapp Rd
81Tappan Rd
82Tarbox Ln
83Wards Ln
84Waterman Rd
85Watson Ave
86Weltonville Back Rd
87Whig St
88Woodland Dr
89Zimmer Rd
90Zimmer Spur