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List of Street Names with maps in Ontario, New York

#Street Name
11st Ave
2Alpine Dr
3Alyssum Ln
4Apple Tree Dr
5Autumn Breeze Ln
6Bailey Rd
7Baldwin Rd
8Bear Creek Dr
9Berg Rd
10Boston Rd
11Brick Church Rd
12Brookway Crescent
13Browns Square
14Bushwood Rd
15Byron Cir
16Carriage Ct
17Centennial Dr
18Chapman Dr
19Cherry Tree Dr
20Clevenger Rd
21Clevenger Road Exd
22Community Ln
23Coppersmith Trail
24Cortland Dr
25Country Club Ln
26County Line Rd
27County Road 102
28County Road 108
29County Road 109
30County Road 110
31Crabapple Cir
32Creekwood Estate
33Creekwood Estates
34David Pkwy
35Dean Pkwy
36Deerfield Cir
37Elm Dr
38Evergreen Ln
39Ferguson St
40 Fisher Rd
41Fosdick Rd
42Furnace Rd
43Greening Ln
44Holly Creek Dr
45Hollybush Ln
46Honeysuckle Trail
47Hopewell Dr
48Ida Red Ln
49Independence Way
50John Cox Rd
51Jonathan Ln
52Knickerbocker Rd
53La Frank Dr
54Lake Meadow Dr
55Lake Rd
56Lake View Knolls
57Lakeside Rd
58Lanson Rd
59Liberty Ln
60Lillypond Way
61Lodi Ct
62Macintosh Rd
63Meadow Lake Ln
64Melkerson Dr
65Morning Star Ln
66Mountain Laurel Ln
67N Rd
68Nature Dr
69New St
70Northacres Ln
71Ontario Dr
72Orchard Creek Dr
73Orchard Dr
74Paddy Ln
75Park Ave Bear Harbor
76Parrini Dr
77Parsons Acres
78Patriot Dr
79Pear Tree Meadows
80 Putnam Rd
81Railroad Ave
82Red Fox Cir
83Ridge Rd
84Ridge Rd E
85Rockledge Dr
86Roder Pkwy
87Rome Ln
88Rosemarie Ln
89Russett Ln
90Salmon Run Cir
91Schoolhouse Rd
92Shoreline Blvd
93Shorewood Trail
94Slocum Rd
95Southbrook Dr
96Stonehedge Dr
97Summers Pl
98Surrey Crossing
99Swadling Rd
100Tamarack Ln
101Thompson Trail
102Trillium Trail
103Trimble Rd
104Turner St
105Vande Rd
106Walter Cone Dr
107Walworth Rd
108Wealthy Ln
109Whispers Ln
110Whitney Rd
111Willetts Rd
112Willits Rd
113Winesap Ln
114Woodgate Dr